Earth Redefined

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Chapter 1

The Beginning

by: TheGrouch
The existence of multiple Earths in the universe today is not merely coincidental, for no occurrence is merely coincidental; Coincidence is only an idea given to man from man to take responsibility for the stupidity of man’s actions upon man. The world is characterized by many ideas of this sort, some intelligent, others pointless, and yet some both intelligent and pointless.

However, there is no parallel universe, nor is there life on another planet.

The existence of another Earth is in the form of a virtual “game” here on the known planet Earth. This game was created for several purposes, one of those purposes being that men seem to be ruining their planet beyond the point of recovery, and if anyone wishes to preserve human life, they mustn’t rely on another planet, but their own intelligence.

So, many men and women alike began searching for an answer, looking for a way to preserve life after space voyages were discovered unsuccessful. Sadly, there was no restaurant at the end of the universe; it is never ending. Amongst answer searching, an unnamed scientist had created a virtual world in which its subjects were strapped up and thrown into the world, where they began a life cycle nearly identical to the actual life cycle. Sadly, these works failed to nourish a person and keep him alive while growing in this real world, and he perished two months after entering the world on his own.

However, thirteen years later, two scientists, Randall Winklebay and Scott Trell, fell upon the unnamed scientist’s work area, and noticed his magnificent idea for saving humans. They began slaving over their dual laboratory to perfect this creation, and after seventeen long years, they reached their goal. They were able to save a person’s life.

Many of the details today are unclear as to what happens when one dies, and what happens when a woman has a baby. Also questioned is the existence of animals in this world. Are they merely avatars, or are they actual animals in the game? Only a select group of scientists and politicians are to know the answers to these questions, which is just as well. If the entire world knew what really went on, whether it was good or bad, well, they’d want more of a say in the government.

Now that Winklebay and Trell are dead, they are remembered in their grand creation, which currently has over four million participants.

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