The girl across the room

Sometimes i get scared that there are things i will leave unsaid when i die. but i am no good with words so this is the only way i know how to say it.

Chapter 1

love at first sight

Her eyes looked like that place in the arctic where the ice meets the open ocean and the cool white melts into the depth of the blue and morphs into a million shades of wonderful. As her eyes passed mine and I saw her emerge I saw her spark with life and just as quickly as she came to life fade into the background. Worry clouded her face and her eyes became sorrowful. She brought her eyes to mine once more and the sorrow shifted to confusion. She leaned back in her seat and looked toward the ceiling, tilting her head toward the ground she composed her face into a porcelain mask. Flawless but one good hit away from shattered.
Her delicate fingers brushed the hair out of her face, her hair rippled down her back in soft honey coloured waves then settled straight along her spine, the different shades of gold shining even under the unflattering lighting of the room. Drawn to her I made my way slowly across the room, and placed myself in the seat next to hers. I fixed my hair and straightened my dress trying to make myself even half as beautiful as she was. Leaning towards her, "I didn't expect you to be here." I said softly by her ear. Unfalteringly "Because my mother is so lenient about my attendance at these things" she said looking straight ahead. To the rest of the room that must seem odd, or even rude, but I had known Katrina since I was a year old. That's just how she was, dramatic. Our moms work together and we have been the only ones our age at these parties since I can remember. We bonded quickly and always stayed close, now we go to the same high school, but we don't talk anymore.
"You don't look half bad tonight." I commented leaning closer in to her. That was a lie, she was stunning, but I never noticed before, which is weird because I notice most things. But tonight everything about her screamed utterly gorgeous. In a moment of surprise and confusion she batted her eyes sexily then said "Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself either." My mind was reeling not even noticing the fact that she had complimented me. I had just thought of Kat as sexy. Did that mean that I liked her? But had known her forever, you don't just one day all of the sudden like someone do you? Her dress shifted and I could see more of her thigh, it excited me. Then my mind became cloudy with confusion. What is this? I thought to myself. What are you doing? Then all of the sudden my mind had an answer, falling in love.

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