Paintball Wars (Trilogy)

Paintball Wars (Trilogy)

This is a story about a holiday gone wrong,with children dying and having fun at the same time,Group story me and OutstandingAuthor

Chapter 1

When Children Are Unleashed

I watched the clock '14:10' it read,15 more minutes till holiday,it was the final period Algebra,worst lesson of them all,I finished up my sketch of the new 7 velocity pump handle paintball gun,I looked over at Gideon he was pretending his pencil was a paintball gun,let me tell you everything you need to know,about The Paintball Wars: Holiday Edition
- No under 13's allowed
- 5 velocity pistols allowed
- No grabbing face mask
- invented by me Luke Lockhart and Gideon Lockhart
- Luke and Gideon are not related
- Parents pay fee of $600 for each child to withdraw from paintballing
- no frozen paintballs allowed
- CAUTION: Paintball is not a game,it is a war,any child entering with signing in at the abandoned warehouse entrance is not allowed in
"Luke,what I just say?"Mr Williams asked "5x5=±5÷3=21"I answered,luckily that's exactly what he said ring ring bring bring,all the children ran out chanting "Paintball!",I caught up with Gideon and we spoke "Hey Giddy"I laughed "Don't call me that Puke"he said "Ready for our new arena!"I shouted enthusiastically "Sure,hey do you have at least $1 000 to lend me?"he asked,I dodged a bully who was targeting me,I will get him at the war "Earth to Luke"Gideon said waving his hand around my face "No way,I do have a thousand dollars,but I'm buying my own 7 Velocity gun,its limited edition"I said "Ok then,but remember I still have a 6 velocity pistol"he laughed,we went to our lockers to retrieve our Blackberries,"30 messages!"I shouted "From who?"Gideon asked,I opened the inbox all the messages said "Crazy Joe's Convenient Store is selling 30% off 7 Velocity paintball guns",Gideon and I quickly jumped into his mom's car "Crazy Joes!"I shouted,the tires screeched as we stopped at the store,luckily we took a shortcut to the venue,only a few kids were there!We entered the store and there hung the coolest,cruellest most ruthless paintball gun ever made,the $ 1000 sign was off now it was worth $300,I put my $1000 note on the counter and Crazy Joe handed us two magnificent paintball guns,Gideon and I ran out of the store "here's your $300 change!"Joe shouted,but his voice just faded away over my crazy shouting,"Now let's go to the warehouse"Gideon ordered his mom,she is like a slave,she once bought him a who collection of vintage paintball guns

1 Hour Later At The Warehouse
Our team,the Golden Falcons consisted of 6 girls,Sally,Lily,Courtney,Kayla,Tamara and Eve,the boys are,Me,Gideon,Michael,Jacob,Adam and Slade,the Red Cardinals pedalled on their bikes as they came up the street,in the sky the Green Eagles hand glided down and the last team the Black Panthers came in their mom's cars,they're two captains for each team,we each throw a 4 sided coin (yeah weird) to determine,which team goes to find a base first,every team gets a 3 minute head start,Gideon and I came up and flicked the coin in the air,it landed on the Cardinals,they ran into the warehouse to hide,the next coin toss the Eagles won,now it was just us and the Black Panthers,Gideon flicked it,it felt like slow-mo as it landed on the ground "Falcons!"I shouted "Yeah!"the rest of the team said,we entered the dark warehouse,splat! a blue paintball missed me,"split up"I whispered,I then ran up the stairs and behind a box,heavy breathing was coming from the other side,I curiously peaked at the colour of the persons mask,it was red "Cardinal"I muttered,I put my gun on his head,he got up and pushed me to the wall and shot a paintball,it was frozen "hey that's illegal!"I said gripping my wounded arm,I then looked around,we have already lost Courtney,looks like she was shot multiple times and fell to her death,I squinted at her chest,she was shot by frozen paintballs "All of you Cardinals have frozen balls!"I shouted,the boy nodded and shot again this time its exploded on my mask "I can't see!"I shouted,I heard bangs and laughter,I got my visual sense back and I discovered the a kid from the Eagles had shot the Cardinal who shot me two times,"Gideon,I'm going to hide,its your guys turn to take them on!"I shouted,he gave a thumbs up and shot a Panther in the butt and he went running out the door.
So Far The This Is The Killed Scoreboard (how many have died from that team)
Falcons: 1
Cardinals: 1
Eagles: 3
Panthers: 6 (the whole girls side)


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