The Zombie States of America (New Character)

So its 2015 and they made the zombie infection. Enjoy!!!! :D

Chapter 1


by: PewConPie

Name: Felix Hemingway
Age: 15
Description: wears a short top hat and well,
Personality: Investigative, nerdy, computer smart
primary weapon: Pickaxe
secondary weapon: Shotgun
Backstory: Sister was killed in a car crash and his parents are nowhere to be found
Strength: Technology, tactics, etc.
Weakness: Extreme labor
usual clothes: Erhm. Tophat. All that jazz.
Other: Uhh, felix came from Britain and is here (Wherever "here" is) on a school transfer program thing, unfortunately he is stuck here because well, you know, ZOMBIES.


Name: Francis "Boo" Gavin
Age: 14, about to turn 15
Personality: Charismatic. VERY sarcastic, witty, headstrong, and can be a little brash. Doesn't take orders well, and has a short temper.
primary weapon: A hunting rifle with a sniper scope
secondary weapon: Baseball bat!
Backstory: Grew up with a single dad, was an only child. Very rebellious, didn't get good grades. Was the lead singer in all school productions, and was looking for a record label when the zombie outbreak hit.
Strength: Agility, speed, stealth, escaping, dodging.
Weakness: Child zombies and and fires.
usual clothes:


Name: Chastity "Chase" Rivers
Age: 16
Description: dishwater blonde long hair that's curly, bangs, pale skin, dark blue eyes
Personality:funny, sweet, headstrong, stubborn
primary weapon: bow and arrows, all different types
secondary weapon: sniper gun
Backstory: smart student, yet not that liked. Loves killing zombies and no-good doers
Streangth:aim, persuation
Weakness: love
usual clothes: plaid t shirt, jeans, boots, and a hoodie.
Other: N/A

Me :D

Name: Charlie Cahill
Age: 15
Personality: Nice,Sweet,Joker,hates to kill humans but zombies dont stand a chance against him, protective,sometimes secretive
Primary weapon: Shotgun
Secondary weapon: Dual Machete
Backstory: lives in New York City with parents.he was a Straight A student and he knows a lot about the zombies and is good at killing them too. he also has a lighter and a lot of matches for fire. He is Irish but does not have a accent.
Streangth: chould beat someone up, good aim,smart
Weakness:hates being under water,
Usual clothes: Gray tee-shirt with jeans. has holisters for machetes. Sometimes with a hoodie and has running shoes.
Other: is the leader and good at raiding places.wears glasses.



Name: Kendra "Kenny" Salvatore
Age: 15
Description: Black hair, waist length, bright china doll blue eyes,
Personality: Smart, witty, sarcastic, brave ,caring stubborn
primary weapon: bow and arrows,
secondary weapon: daggers
Backstory: Dad milatary who gave her training she thought he was crazy for thinking the apocolapse would happen her misson is to find him
Streangth: Combat all types, bribery, steath
Weakness: Friends (loyalty)
usual clothes:

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