The Zombie States of America (New Character)

So its 2015 and they made the zombie infection. Enjoy!!!! :D

Chapter 2

Charlie Cahill

by: PewConPie

I am woken up by the sounds of gunfire. I wake up groggy as I put

on my blue jeans and my favorite grey tee shirt and adjust my

glasses on my face. I find Dual Machetes with holisters on the kitchen

table. "why are these here" ?

I notice some blood on the kitchen floor and I follow the dining room to

see my family dead with a note saying to leave with food that is in

the trunk of the jeep parked out front.

I keep fighting back tears as I pack up my clothes in my messenger

bag as I hear a scream from outside . I go outside as a guy is

bitten from the zombies. I take his shotgun and ammo as he is being

eaten and put him out of his misery and the zombies eating him. I go

to the driver seat as I put the key into the ignititon to start the car

A herd of zombies come to the free meal. " Step 1. Know that

zombies are atracted to gun shots" I said. " to stay alive".

I then drive off to face the world of the zombie apocalypse with my

new shot gun and machetes.

and i shoot the zombie eating him and him to take him out of his misery.

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