The Zombie States of America (New Character)

So its 2015 and they made the zombie infection. Enjoy!!!! :D

Chapter 22

The Journey Home ~Charlie Cahill~

by: PewConPie

The Little kid reminded me of my little brother.

Even though I promised I would not get cry I still got teary eyed.

"Is there anything wrong" James asks me.
"No, nothing is wrong" I tell him. "Don't worry about it"

I ruffle his hair and continue to wait and talk to Chasity.

"Do you think they are coming soon" I say.
"I suppose so they should soon, hopefully" Chasity says back.

we wait a little bit and we see them coming with a cart full of stuff

"We are back" Boo announces.

"Who do we have here" Felix says indicating to James.

I introduce the two other members of the group to our new member and give Felix and boo a poptart each.

we walk back to the train and head home to the sun setting.

I hold James back And hand him a machete with a holstier.

"Since your in this group, you should be safe" I say.

"th.. thanks" James says and I put my arm around him to catch up.

we were going to go where our "Home" was for now.

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