Poems in the Dark

So I know that a lot of people have been making poem books. So I thought, why not? And so, here I am, ready to read you some of my poems.

Some of them make no sense. Some of them are really depressing. Some of them are happy.

But just remember, no matter what the mood seems, I am writing these poems in the dark.

And dark is all I see.

Chapter 1

The Dark was There.

by: Hyouka
The dark was there
It brought me in
Made me feel
And called me friend.

The dark was there
When suddenly,
I felt a shock,
And I felt free.

The dark was there
As I danced about,
The colors flew,
I could not stop.

The dark was there
I felt alive,
Flying, flying,
I finally thrived.

The dark was there
When the spark, it left,
and in cold despair,
I fell to death.

And nothing more was to be thought,
Of me or it,
Or who or what.

The dark was there,
And only it,
A dot of ink,
and the world, it split.

And never again
Would I dance in the sun,
Never again
Would I have any fun.
Never again
Would I see color galore.

And the darkness was there,

When I was no more.

It sounded kind of like a drunk driving tale while I wrote it, I don't know what it's about. Oh, well.

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