The Lolly Shop

So, this is a Original Story by me! :D It's about a Lolly Shop and it's magical and so is Jade! :D Enjoy! Comment and rate please! And constructive criticism! :D

Chapter 1


Name: Jade Emma Maurine Bennett
Nickname: Sugar, Jay or Em
Age: 17
Hair colour: Light brown with red highlights
Eye colour: Dark blue
Height: 5’8
Best friends: Carli, Caroline and Taylor
Siblings: 2 older siblings, Emily, 19 and Zack, 21
Love interest: Joel
Personality: Nice, sweet, adventurous, strong-willed, always happy, can be very serious when she wants to, loves being with somebody, loves to talk non-stop
Bio: Lives with her mum and older sister, father died when she was only 3, her grand-father owns a lolly shop which she spends a lot of time in, has the personality of her father

Name: Emily Rose Bennett
Nickname: Emi
Age: 19
Hair colour: Dark blonde
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5’7
Sibling: One younger sisters and one older brother, Jade, 17 and Zack, 21
Friends: Victoria and Celeste
Boy-friend: Dan
Personality: Protective, cautious, always looks at a situation carefully, looks at the pros and cons of a situation, gentle
Bio: Lives with her mum and younger sister, father died when she was 5, she doesn’t get why her sister hangs out at their grand-father’s lolly shop, had the personality of her mother

Name: Zack Robert Bennett
Nickname: Z-man
Age: 21
Hair colour: Dark blonde
Eye colour: Dark blue
Height: 5’9
Siblings: 2 younger sisters, Jade, 17 and Emily, 19
Friends: Scott and Mark
Girl-friend: Katie
Personality: Over-protective of Jade, Funny, nice, adventurous, mysterious,
Bio: Lives with his girl-friend, Katie, father died when he was 7, Zack and Jade are a lot alike, has half the personality of his mother and half of his personality of his father

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