Cross-Over Story Contest!!!.....(Read 3rd Chapter! Just Added! 02-24-13)

Chapter 1


So, I thought this would be fun! Okay, so for this story contest you will have to cross over two from the ones I will list right now to make one story. Prizes will also be listed, rules, and what your story will be rated on also!
You Can Take The Plot Of Any Story, But Make It Your Own and Use Any Other Ones Listed For Your Characters!

-One Direction
-The Wanted
-Bruno Mars
-Harry Potter
-The Host
-Pretty Little Liars
-Vampire Diaries
-The Hunger Games
-The Vow
-Any Fairy Tale(Can Have A Twist To It! Or You Can Mix Them Up)
-I'm Open To Any Other Suggestions, But I Ask First. If I Don't Know Everything About It I WILL Have To Say No!

1. Must Be At Least 5 Chapters Or Longer
2. Must Say "For Reyna's Contest" Somewhere In The Title
3. It Can Be Group Story
4. To Enter Leave A Comment and The Two You're Going To Cross-Over, Or Which Plot You'll Be Taking
5. Be Creative
6. Must Be Finished By February 19, 2013!

-I Will Rate Your Story 5 Stars(For Every Winner!)

-Group Story
-I Will Send A Story To My Friends To Read Your Story and Friend You
-A Place On My Tops Friends
-Make A Character For Any Of My Stories
-Chose My Profile Picture For A Week
-Get A Story or One-Shot of Your Choice!
--Open To Any Suggestions

1st Place: All The Prizes(Or Only The Ones You Want)
2nd Place: Four Of The Prizes Of Your Choice
3rd Place: Three Of The Prizes Of Your Choice
4th Place: Two Of The Prizes Of Your Choice
5th Place: One Prize Of Your Choice

-How You Make The Story/Plot Your Own
-Grammar and Spelling Won't Be Big Role, but It Does Count!

Hope You'll Enter/Join:))

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