Vote for Obama, not Retard Romney.

Chapter 1

Vote for Obama!

The Middle and Lower Class need money, and Obama is willing to give it to them. Retard Romney says "Screw you, I'm making rich people more rich, get a job yourselves." THEY CAN'T! Not everyone is of Higher Class! The majority of Americans are Middle or Lower Class. Obama cares about the poor, Romney says "Eeeeeeeeeew, poor people." Also, Obama agrees and knows that the Iraqis are perfectly capable of defending their own country. The Americans trained them, so its time for them to leave. There is no reason any more Americans should die. Yet, Retard Romney insults them thinking they are not capable and Romney wants to send the troops back. So Retard Romney, you want to more Americans to die? Freaking idiot. Also, Obama ended the Iraq War and killed Osama Bin Laden. Does Mitt Romney have the guts to do that? I don't know. But I think if Mitt Romney wins, we are all screwed.


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