Bloggerz and Froggerz idk just read this

this is my most likely short-lived blog on my daily activities. not silly stuff though. FYI, Unit 1 is my mother, Unti 2 is my father. all true stories.

Chapter 1

27th of October, 2012 - Pub Night

by: Matt_
So my parental units 1 and 2, took myself, Zero Belial, and my friend, Pyro Party, to the Irish Pub in town for a joint birthday party/hallowe'en party in the theme of Rocky Horror Picture Show. For those of you who know the film, Parental Unit 1 went as Magenta, Unit 2 went as Riff Raff, Pyro went as the female version of Eddie and i was Columbia. We all looked really great and we spent the night dancing and singing and carrying on until 12am.

We were walking up the street when we were joined by two 18 year old boys, one of which began to pester us about where we lived. Unit 2 was getting mad, so Pyro and I stayed silent while Unit 1 made light of the situation. They stopped walking with us, but one started mouthing off at Unit 2. Who has a super bad temper. Unit 2 chased after the guy, put him in a choke chold and they went to the ground. The other guy jumped in to pull them apart, with Unit 1 pulling them all off each other. I called the police and handed Pyro the phone.

Unit 2 had a massive cricket-ball-sized shape welt on his forehead and had also been kneed in the ribs. The policeman called the ambulance and they all said the welt was huge. Which it was. So we all went to bed at 3.30am to face the fallout in the morning.



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