I'm in love with you & all your little things.

I'm in love with you & all your little things.


Can living on get anymore worst than what it already is for Chanel Martinez?

What will happen to a teenager when she meets obstacles after obstacles?

Who will save Chanel, from her world where she's stucked in? [[Niall Horan]]?

Contains detailed suicidal attempts and thoughts, self-harming process & adult content.


Chapter 1

Ugly Truth

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for doing that." Chanel repeated over and over again.

"You are just gross, maybe you should just go and die." Her 'best friend' told her with a disgusted look on her face and walked away.

"NO! Don't leave me! Please." Chanel covered her face and sob uncontrollably at the stairway in school.

And it was the day she found out how ugly humanity was.

Her one and only best friend left her because she saw her scars for the first time.

Yes, she self-harm.

And worst, she's falling apart and there wasn't anyone there for her anymore.

[[I know this is kind of too short but it's an introduction.
And just to let you all know, this story might get quite depressing.
Please do comment and rate! (:
Thanks for reading!]]

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