I'm in love with you & all your little things.

I'm in love with you & all your little things.


Can living on get anymore worst than what it already is for Chanel Martinez?

What will happen to a teenager when she meets obstacles after obstacles?

Who will save Chanel, from her world where she's stucked in? [[Niall Horan]]?

Contains detailed suicidal attempts and thoughts, self-harming process & adult content.


Chapter 3

No one to catch the fall

She got home eventually and went straight to her room.

Chanel locked the door and stripped down to her bra and panties, then she sat on the floor and thought about her life.

Her father expects her to get full marks for every single thing.
Her mother wants her to do everything she wants her to do.
Her brother, now already 3 years old, never had a good relationship with her.

One must have thought that a 3 year old little boy must be so cute and fun to play with, but her brother is obviously not that sort. He's violent and smack her so hard that it hurts. He knows that their parents pamper him, so he took the chance to always mistreat her.

Sounds impossible, but definitely true.

She has to teach him stuff like colours, simple mathematics, alphabets but everytime she teaches him, he will be rude to her.

She hated him. It sounds really sinful, but she had not choice. Only after he was born, her parents treated her like she's not important anymore.

She is always in second place and her opinion never had mattered.

It seems the same in school too. Each time when there's any games during activities, no one cares whether she can cycle, swim or whatever.

[[Sometimes she thought that there isn't a place for her in this world.
There just isn't anyone there to hold her when she fall.
No one to talk to, no one to listen.]]

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