About me

Chapter 1

All about me

by: Meganx
Height: 5' 2"
Shoe Size: 5
S(e)xual Orientation: Straight.
Do you Smoke? Nope
Do you Drink? No
Do you Take Drugs? Nope
Age you get mistaken for: 15
Have Tattoos? No unfortunately :/
Want any tattoos? YESS!!
Got any Piercings? Indeed ;) ears
Want any piercing? Belly and Nose
Relationship status: In a relationship
Favorite Movie: Batman, The Dark Knight Rises or Twilight Breaking Dawn part II
Someone you miss: My Best friend Jemma who died in Year 2 at the age of 7
A fact about your personality: Caring, Loving,
What I hate most about myself: My body
What I love most about myself: I have a great life where i am surrounded by the people i love, aka my friends, family and most of all my loving boyfriend.
What I want to be when I get older: A Police Officer :)
My relationship with my sibling(s): We have our moments :p
My relationship with my parents: Very close :)
What I hate the most about school: Some of the people in it are very selfish and self centered :/
What my last text message says: Kinda :) xxxxxxxx
What words upset me the most: Thick :(
What words make me the best about myself: Beautiful, Caring, I love you ;)
A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: Varies :) depends on how I'm feeling at the time :)
What I find attractive in guys: eyes, personality, mood
Where I would like to live: Ess3x/Miami :)
My childhood career choice: Police Officer ;)
My favorite ice cream: Ben and Jerry's "COOKIE DOUGH" :D :D
Who I wish I could be: Evanescense (she has an amazing voice :)
Where I want to be right now: With my boyfriend, Reuben xx <3!! :P
The last thing I ate: Chips and Fish Cakes
A random fact about anything: My boyfriend is a babe xx


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