For the people who want the reason why I was gone.

The rest of you, whether you care or don't care, read if you want. I'm not forcing anybody to.

Chapter 1


by: Northe
I needed time. Away. From my friends, from life in general. I wanted...something. I'm not sure what. While I was gone, away from quibblo, I was dealing with stuff. I thought about suicide, I've cut myself. I've done that before, so whatever. But while I was gone, I realized something. Life isn't about what you don't have, or what pain you do have. It's about the joy, and the people in your life that make it worth while.

I didn't log onto quibblo for a week because I was scared. Of what, I don't know. So please don't ask me. And if you guys are reading this, and you guys care, you don't have to worry. At least not for now.

I want to say thank you. Thank you to all my friends who've been there for me. Who comforted me, or provided me with endless laughs, and just something to get my mind off. I love you all.

I won't be getting onto quibblo regularly like I used to, since I want to see the world, and what it holds for me. But for my friends, all of you, I'll stay here. Cause during the hard part in my life, you guys were one of the strong pillars that held my broken self together.

I love you all, and I'm back.

Love, Lue.


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