It's You They Add Up To...(Niall Horan Love Story)

So, I came up with this after listening to the song, so, it will be related to the song, but more things will be added! There may be another song combined also, not sure yet though!
Well, I Hope You Like It!

Chapter 1

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Name: Layla Marie Black


I was on the couch with Niall, we were facing each other and had a blanket over us. Our feet were locked together. We were simply talking and I was drinking a cup of tea, just like I do every night.

"Oh, remember when we were playing football and you accidentally hit Greg in the head..,"said Niall laughing as we remembered old times.

Niall and I have been best friends since I moved to Ireland from the U.S, which was eight years ago. He was the only friend I actually had. I mean, sure I talked to other people but I never really could call them friends.

"How can I forget when Greg reminds me every single time he sees me,"I replied trying not to laugh.

"Yeah, those were the good old times,"he replied letting out a sigh as I nodded in agreement and drank some of my tea,"Why do you always drink a cup of tea before going to sleep?"

"Well, it helps me relax, which makes me fall asleep faster,"I replied as I finished my tea and set it in the ground. I quickly turned around and laid in between Niall's legs, while the back of my head rested on his stomach. He was sitting down, so he was looking down on me and I was looking up at him.

"That's more like it,"he replied while searching for his marker, that he has on his pocket. He got it out and started connecting my freckles into drawings. It just something we starting doing since we were thirteen, it's a five year tradition. I closed my eyes and smiled.

I love our friendship, it may look like we're a thing, but we aren't. We are just comfortable around each other. It's the way it has always been. My little sister says our relationship reminds her of Bella's and Jacob's friendship in the Twilight Saga. She is kinda right, but in the book one is in love with other, which is not the case between me and Niall.

As he continued drawing, with the other hand he grabbed my right hand and intertwined our fingers. Again, this is not what it looks like.

"What are you drawing?"I asked him through my smile as I let out a sigh.

"Now, now, now! You know the rules,"he replied, I could hear the smile on his voice,"You can't know or see it until the morning when you wake up."

Unfortunately, he made the rules when we first started it. He even wrote them in a blank book, which became our friendship diary, nobody can see it. It was supposed to be my diary, my mom's idea, but we decided to turn it into our friendship diary! It is red and it has a lock, which only opens to two keys. Which, of course, Niall and I have, we wear them in a necklace for safe keeping.

"Fine,"I replied as I started playing with his fingers as I smelled in. His sweet cologne caught my attention making me smile.

Niall's POV

I watched as Layla played with my fingers, eyes closed, and smile on her face as I drew in her face. I love connecting the dots with her freckles, especially since she lays so close to me. Close enough to smell the aroma of her hair, which smell like watermelon, her favorite fruit, candy flavor, and shampoo.

As I continued to draw I noticed she still had the bracelet I gave her for our tree year friend-a-versary, which was five years ago. I also noticed both of her necklaces, which I also gave them to her. One was from our friendship diary, and the other is an N with a four leaf clover. She started laughing when I gave it to her, the N necklace, saying that her lucky leprechaun will never leave her side now.

I felt her breathing soften, and I started wondering if she was asleep. She stopped playing with my fingers, and her smile was slowly fading away.

"Lay?,"I asked just to make sure. There was no response, I quickly finished my drawings and when I was done I smiled. I am completely in love with this girl, not that she'll never know. I smiled as I remembered her sister's, Emma, words; "You're lie Jacob and Bella, all that is missing is for Niall to be in love with you!" Little that she knows that nothing was missing, I am in love with Lay. She drives me insane, she's is simply perfect. Perfect in my eyes, perfect in the rest of the boys' eyes, perfect to majority of our fans eyes, perfect to her little sister's eyes, but not perfect in her eyes.

She always finds something wrong with her; from her looks to her weight. Doesn't she know that if you look up the definition of perfect her picture pops up.

"I know..I'm not..pretty,"she whispered her sleep as she turned to the side.

"You are right, you're not pretty,"I whispered back,"You're beautiful."

I kissed her forehead before standing up and carrying her to her room. She's been living with me ever since she got out of her house, which was sic months ago. One of the reason she didn't feel pretty and wanted was because of her father. Ever since her mother died he started hating her, considering she looks so much like her mother. She was neglected for most of her life, even though she had me. She had been planning on moving in with me since two years ago, but she stayed because she didn't want to leave her sister. But once her aunt took away her sister, there was no stopping her.

I laid her in bed and quickly pulled the covers over her body. She looks so peaceful, so beautiful under the moonlight that was coming in through the window. She looked like a princess. Quietly I walked towards the door, but turned to her before leaving her room.

"Night beautiful princess,"I whispered before closing the door behind me. I walked into my room, crawled in bed and twenty minutes later I was asleep.

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