they never loved you(NARUTO FF)

a naruto fanfic. i wrote this while listening to gangnam style!!! and no naruto does not belong to me.

Chapter 1


by: Ammarettu
I woke up with a jolt. I could see the faces of 3 guys. I knew them but I didnt know thier names. One had brown hair tied up into a spikey brown ponytail and lazy eye, another had a grey hoodie with brown spikey fur around the hood and cuffs. He had red facepaint triangles on his face. The last had long brown hair tied into a loose ponytail at the bottom. They were talking but I couldnt hear what they were saying, their faces began twisting into hideous monsters. I screamed, awake now. It had been a dream. Then i remembered falling asleep in the forest earlier. Dad must have had something to do with this. I was loosly chained to a wall. I felt something in my wrist, I looked down to see a poisoned senbon needle. There was a pale slender figure in front of me. "Father." I said distastefully. Sure Im was only four but I could still tell he wasnt a very good dad. "Oh dont be so mean." He said putting his hand to my forehead, chacking for a fever. "Broken." he concluded. "What?" I asked. "You, your broken, useless to me. You are free to go." He unlocked the chaines and I walked to the door and opened it. I staggered down the front steps and looked around, trying to adjust my eyes. I had never been outside before. I looked down at myself, barefeet and a dirty white sundress, the same colour as my skin. I leaned up againsted the side of the house, panting. M y health had never been very good. I could feel myself shaking from the cold and from fear. I saw a boy standing across the road, looking at me .He had blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. 'whos that' I wondered.
I saw her, stagger down the front steps of a house. She blinked wildly as if she had never been outside before. She leaned up against the side of a house. She was so pale, she was white as snow. And her sundress was almost the same colour. It was acctually not as white as her pale flesh. Her eyes were black and cold, lifless and non-reflective. Her face held nom expression, it was blank and it looked like she had never slept. I saw something begin to fall from a window above her. "WATCH OUT!" I yelled running accross the street and jumping on her pulling both of us out of the way. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, and began running. I pulled her along behind me. I skid to a halt in front of a door. I unlocked it and pushed her inside, locking the door behind me. She backed away from me. " Its okay. Im not going to hurt you. Im trying to help you." I put a hand on her shoulder, she flinched at the contact but didnt push me away. She made a signal. She wanted a pen and paper. I nodded and handed her some. She wrote something then showed it to me. 'Who are you?' It said. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Beleive it! who are you?" She wrote again. 'Ammarettu Deth Dakedae.' I looked at her and wondered why she didnt speak. she showed mw the paper again. 'Thank you. Naruto.' I smiled"If you want to you can stay with me for a while. Im the only one living here so Im pretty lonely." The pen scratched across the paper. 'I would like that. Thank you again, Naruto.' But she insisted on staying in the house. She never went outside.

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