I Broke my hand!

XD yep would be me

Chapter 1

Hand+Three Blocks of Wood=Ouchy

I wasn't on yyesterday, because me, being the nutjob I am, broke part of my hand.

I do Taekwondo, and I, during the Taekwondo test I had yesterday, decide that its a fantastic idea to do a punch through three wood boards. Suffice to say, I now have a pile of broken wood, and what doctors call a "boxer's fracture.

i was in ER from like 4:00 PM Saturday to 12:00 AM Sunday. This consisted of several hours of pain, 12 x-ray pictures, 2 HUGE injections of pain killers, a doctor pushing and pulling my bones into place thousands of times, and 3 tries at casting my arm.

So ya, that's why I wasnt on XD. I just wanted you guys to know. Plz pray for me, its really painful, and hand surgery isn't out of the question.


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