Ugh. Getting hit on by older boys.

Chapter 1

bleh freaks.

Okay, so long story short there were these 9th graders at my churches trunk-or-treat today. They were bugging the frick out of everybody and there were like 6 of them. Ugh.
So my friend Hannah and i were running musical chairs, and they kept coming up trying to get in and play (aka flirt with us)

I'm being thing 1 and thing 2 with carlie for halloween (i'm thing 1) but carlie couldnt come because she had to go to a party. But i still wore my thing 1 shirt and spray died a strip of my hair blue (because the things' hair are blue).

So anyways, i was by the line for pizza, and one of the boys was like, "Thing 1, where's thing 2?" (he'd arrived a little bit later, so when him and his friends found us they were like, "this is thing 1" and they just stared at me for like ever after that)

So i said, "She had to go to a party." then of course he went to the table his friends were at and told them (probably thought i was lying)

Then when i was about to go back outside, the same dude called me over. He asked me how old i was and i said 13. One of the boys (the one in the green hat) was like no way. and i was like, uh yeah. and the one that asked me it was like, "Dudddeee." and he was like, "I was only off by a year!" (so they thought i was 14) and then they guy that asked me how old i was was like, "Yeah, he likes you." (talking about the one in the green hat) and i was like good for him. and then benny (hannahs brother) was like he can't, he's gay. And he was like, "I have a girl! And i would be gay before i dated that.
And i was like, "Good for you!" and walked away.

Then hannah told benny to go and ask them if they liked the two girls (meaning us)
So we waited outside while he asked.

He came back out and was like, "The one in the yellow hat said he liked you!" (the guy that asked how old i was) "And he said that thing 1 was hot, and that the one in the mask was ugly"

Hannah wore a mascaraed mask for her costume.

I was like boyyy puh leaze. OMG hannah is beautiful.

Anyways, i was totes mad. But thats what happened. Haha i was like ugh, jerks.

(PS they had drugs and were smoking them across the street later. Wanna know how i know? they pulled some out of their pockets then were smoking across the closed)


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