weird poem

so this is a poem written by Ivy and her squad!!!!! (me ivy, chi(taylor) and midnight(becky) so this is one of those write a line pass it on.

Chapter 1

symmetry whore

by: Ammarettu
kakashi looked at ivy with love in his eyes. he reached down and...

everybody shut up! i am the freakin symmetricalist and the coolest.

tacky marie is only a half ho. (temari)

maka is a symmetry whore

the door opened and kakashi hear naruto shreik "oh god kakashimy eyes! put some clothes on!"

yay a goat!

damned if i do ya damned if i dont

yay a goat!
my face flushed red as kakashi said" you look like..

ding dong llama jumping with an ice pig, she thinks im going in.


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