Pain is the Game

So this is an uncompleted story. Actually i really haven't gotten that far at all. I'm pretty much wingin' it d: Um, I don't know if I'll post much on this, but if people like it I'll make sure to add on. It probably will stay in the more narmalcy realm of life as in, not fanasy like harry potter or that nonsense. Thanjks for reading loves! ^^

Chapter 1

The Prologue - Before all the Crazy People

by: bunurnurs
I bury my head as far under the pillows as i can. They're going at it again, it's becoming a reagular thing and its killing me. It's all my fault to, if i wasn't around everything would be going fine for them. They'd be living happy, without me. Why was i born if all I've ever seem to have done in life so far is cause pain. Well if all i seem to be here for is pain, then I'll cause more. I got off my bed, untangling myself from the mess of pillows and blankets i was using to drown out the sound of thier yelling. They're yelling. I walk quickly to my dresser and pull out the razor blade. "It's only for cutting my hair." that's what I'd tell them if they found it. They're so loud, I'll never forget those hurtful words, those horrible things they tell each other. They can't mean those things, can they? They still love each other, right? I drag it across my wrist slowly, savoring the pain and forgetting, just for a second, why I'm doing this. It feels good to just focus on the pain and watch me bleed. The blood makes beads on my wrist and before it can make a single, big drop I lick it off. I know gross, but it's a part of the process now. Then the yelling comes back. So loud I realize, they're yelling at me. Oh no, they know what I did. They grab at me they pull and tug, but I won't go with them. I can't. They'll hurt me.


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