You Better Believe It ~A Doctor Who Fanfic~

Written by meh, Dante Jr, and Brie!!! :D Enjoy :D

Chapter 1

Cassandra "Jynx" POV,,, forest! I though to myself as I try to decide what color to paint the grass. I stood at the small easel in the art room, painting my picture. I may not be the best student in my school, but when it comes to art, well, it might as well be my middle name. Even my dyslexia doesn't get in the way of that.

Ah, dyslexia. That's where we get into the subject of my "disorders."

So, obviously, there's my dyslexia. I can't read. At all. It's strange though, because although I can't read, I can write just fine. Only I can't read it over to check it. So you can guess that's my excuse whenever I get a terrible grade. Which is, oh, I don't know... about 12-13 times a week.

Well, the excuse I can't quite say. And that leads me to my other problem.

I'm mute.

Completely, totally, 100% mute.

And I enjoy every minute of it.

I get to get out of doing things other students complain about being hard, such as answering when the teacher calls on you, or reading out loud. The major downside is that I get made fun of for it. A lot.

I have pretty much no friends because of it. Sometimes people just make me want to disappear. I wish I could just... teleport. If I could go back in time and change something...whatever made me like this... or maybe I could go to a whole different country. Start over.

I snapped out of my thoughts by my teacher calling my name. "Cassandra. I think you're done." I looked up to see that I had unconsciously painted the grass forest green. Well, it didn't look as good as I could have, but I guess that doesn't really matter. It's better than most of the kids' work in here. "Why don't you start a new one?"

She walked up and gently took the painting to the corner of the room and set it on the table, leaning against the wall. I walked over to pick up another canvas and begin my painting.

I know just what I'm gonna draw! I thought to myself.

I decided to sketch and color this one. I started with four simple lines, leading to more complex sketch. It turned out to look pretty good, but it wasn't like I couldn't do better. Oh well, I was rushing. It was almost time to go.

I finished my sketch and set it against the easel. I backed up a little and examined my work.

Not bad.

Now it just needs some color.

I pulled out my pencil case and moved things around. I searched for the perfect color. After all, it was a complete fantasy. I might as well make it as good as possible.

What color should it be? I asked myself. Before long, I came up with an answer. Blue. Definitely blue.

I squinted at my picture while I colored it in. Shading darker in some areas than others. About ten minutes later, I completed my artwork. I set my pencil down and examined the picture. It looked a little something like this:

I didn't know what to call it, but I didn't have much time to come up with something before it was time to leave. But who would be able to come up with a name for something that can travel anywhere in space and time? Especially in 30 seconds.

I sighed and shove the rest of my things in my backpack and yank the zipper shut. I slung it over my shoulder and slid my other arm through the strap and I walked up and handed my teacher the picture. She gave me a strange look before setting it down and dismissing me.


I slowly trudged along the sidewalk, headed towards my home. It started to rain a bit, but only lightly. Unfortunately, though, since my hair was thin, it got soaked easily. My life sucks. In case you didn't notice, my life is really boring.

At least, it was.

That's when I heard it. The sound. I have no clue how to describe it, other than I had never heard it before in my life. And I, being the adventurous and curious person I am, couldn't help but go check it out. I squinted across the road to make sure no cars where coming, then sprinted across the street. I ran around a couple bikes and things laying around and into the alley where I heard the noise.

I froze in my tracks.

There, standing a few feet away, was a big, blue police box.

And then I noticed something.

The same as my picture. I thought. This is beyond weird. I've never even seen this here before.

And then, as if the fact that it was my drawing-come-to-life wasn't enough, a man walked out.

And I had a feeling I was the first thing he noticed.

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