I Don't Know Where I'm Going With This But Read Please!

Chapter 1


Who are you, you say?
None of your business. Why should I tell you? Just call me.... Kara. Yes, I am Kara... Linley.
That's quite nice. Now look at me. :) Babbling. It's like I'm a character in a book. And the author is trying to figure me out... But I seriously doubt that is happening.
Well, let's get on with this shall we?
I'm Kara Linley. I live in... London, England. Yes, that's where I'll live. I'll also have a sweet little sister- 8 year old Destiny Linley.
Oh, and I'll be... 11 years old. Very mature for my age. That good?
I quite love chocolate and am a bit intelligent. Just a bit.
Now, you get to find out the rest of me 'cause I honestly am clueless.

-Kara Linley

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