2 is better than 1. naruto ff

ok. so here is the story ivy and i are writing. hope you like it!!!

Chapter 1

1 now 1 forever

by: Ammarettu
Amis POV 14 years old.


I was running as fast as I could, but I was exausted from days of running. I tripped and stumbled as I ran. I could hear them catching up as I began to slow down. But I couldnt stop. I couldnt let them catch me. We were in a forest. Where it was I have no idea. I had almost no chakra left. There was a large river coming up. I wouldnt have enough chakra to walk across it, so I jumped in and swam across. I continued running, the weight of the water that had soaked my clothes weighing me down. The trees gradually thinned out and a villiage rose up in front of me. I ran into a bar, it was 7:30 so the bar was busy place. They wouldnt, no they couldnt find me in here. I looked around, to see if i knew anyone in here. nope, no one. I sat on a bar stool and pulled off my soaking wet jacket and tied it around my waist. "Well hello there, baby" said someone as they sat down next to me. I turned to face them. He was obviously older than me and had white fluffy hair that was tied into a ponytail. He had red face paint lines coming down from the corners of his eyes. " Come on Jiraiya, stop hitting on girls less than half your age." said a man who had silvery white hair. He must have been albino. His left eye covered by his headband and mouth covered by a face mask. he was dressed in all black except for his green Jonin vest. " Oh your no fun Kakashi." said the old man. "Perv." I said under my breath. He looked at me. "How about you become my apprentice?' He asked with a pervy grin and a raised eyebrow. "Fine, whatever, Pervy sage." I could tell by his headband he was Jiraiya the toad sage. He made a jumping motion and got up. "Ill meet you at the training feilds tomorrow." He skipped away. The other guy looked at me putting the back of his hand up against the side of my leg "Did you fall in a lake or something?" he asked me " No I swam across a river." i corrected."why?" he asked. I shrugged, "No reason, now STOP TOUCHING ME!!!!!" he pulled his hand away from my leg and shook his head. i smiled and laughed. "I pity whoever falls for you." I teased before he left.

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