A Drop In The Ocean (Jasper Cullen Love Story)

Isabella Swan has a sister by the name of Desmond Lynn. They are the complete opposites and they can't get along. Desmond is considered the bad child and Bella the golden one. Desmond gets to live with their aunt while Bella gets it easy by living with their mother. Bella thinks Desmond is selfish, stuck up, and a complete immature brat. Desmond thinks Bella doesn't understand her and would rather bury her head in a stupid book then live reality. Read and Review.

Chapter 1

Snippet of the Story

2 months later

Desmond slammed the front door with her face red as a tomato and green eyes spitting green flames at everything in its path. Charlie woke to the startling noise and looked up to find his eldest daughter Bella looking seriously upset. Desmond was nowhere in sight and they had both went out together. The house soon became filled with tension and anger that reached boiling point in less than a minute.

"I wish you weren't my sister, I should've stayed at boarding school because you ruin every freaking thing good that happens to me." Desmond screamed as the tears gushed out of her eyes and onto her inflated and puffy cheeks. She swiped her tongue onto her swollen kiss trying to find the strength in the kiss she had received earlier.

"Oh, I'm the bad guy now because I want to protect my sister from something that could potentially hurt her in the future. Desmond you aren't emotionally ready for a relationship with him. He does things that he can't control and you could be hurt badly, trust me I've seen what you can't possibly imagine." Bella threw back into her younger sister's face not even thinking of how she was feeling at the moment. It didn't faze her and that scared Bella because she cared for everyone and their feelings.

"You would rather be an only child then care for me, I don't trust you with my well being because you have someone. I have no one. No daddy, don't because you and mom only have one child when it comes to this family. I'm a mistake and you don't even have to say it. Bella, I wish you understood but you have him all to yourself because you say so and that's what I want but I can never be happy when you are." Desmond threw her hands up as she stared at her older sister and father just completely blown away by what she just told them. She was tired of it all. They were never going to be satisfied with her and she didn't plan on being their picture of perfect.


Desmond Lynn Swan was born on October 9, 1994. She is the daughter of Charlie Swan and Renee Dwyer.The sister of Isabella Marie Swan and the stepdaughter of Phil Dwyer. Desmond is shorter than Bella and has more in depth eyes that come from her grandfather. She can lie easily but has a huge guilt problem when she does. Desmond dresses emo-gothic when she feels depressed and sick but on the rest of the days dresses like a human Barbie doll. More fun, talented, and prettier than her oldest sister who practically despises her.

Jasper is Desmond's boy crush.
The treaty is broken and called on as a truce.
Charlie is divorced but dating again.
Jacob is married to Alice.

Any other details will be included in the story or comment me for more.

I like to listen to music to inspire my stories. A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope inspired this one. I also listen to Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Three Days Grace, Secondhand Serenade, Paramore, Evanescence, Never Say Never and others.

Create a playlist if you love music and reading or something sensual and quiet if you just like background. If you want to imagine my character just look up Hayden Panettiere with brown hair. I don't own her but she makes my character look so beautiful. I also don't own Twilight or the series and I do not own any types of devices, cars, food, or any other labels that you may recognize in this story. Only made from my imagination and fun creative yet bored thoughts.

Bye Bye....

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