In love... with an angel?

Melanie is an average teenager... Almost.
She sees this boy, who helps her when she's in trouble. And she doesn't know him at all. But when he mysteriously appears for real, he shakes life up for the both of them.

Chapter 3

An alley incident.

Feliciano strolls next to me, swinging his arms back and forth happily. He smiles, pulling on my arm. We're about to go to the candy store apparently, he's never been to one. My eyes dart back and forth nervously, making sure to do it when Feli isn't watching. Oh, yeah, I call him Feli, because Felicino is too long for my liking. But whatever, I need to stay alert. Feli doesn't seem to notice my tension. I slap on a smile and hurriedly pull him into the candy store. I don't like the thought of him out there alone. He's innocent. A angel. He's been staying at my house for a week now, and I've found out many things. Like how angels can't fight people, only persaude them to do better things. They really can't lie. I've found out that if you have a concious, then it's an angel, trying to tell you not to be bad. It scares me, knowing that he can talk to me in my head. But it also makes me feel safe, a nice guy like Feli, always watching out for me. It's..... Sweet. I think.
"Melanie!" Feli shouts, looking at me excitedly. There's a bright smile on his face, which makes my heart pound. I've never felt that. It's... weird. It's as if just seeing him makes my day brighter. But why? I don't really know. Probably because he's an angel.
"What is it?" I ask, a genuine smile on my face.
He holds up some licorice.
"What's this?" He asks.
"You've never seen licorice before?"
"No. What does it do?"
The man behind the counter snorts.
"It doesn't do anything. It just tastes good, I guess."
"So.... it doesn't do anything special?"
"Well, if you like it, it can make you happy."
"It can make you happy to have it."
"But then wouldn't you be sad when it's gone?"
"I guess so." I say, walking over to him. "But let's think positive. I'll pay for the licorice, and then we can go home and try it together."
"Haven't you had it before?"
"Yes, but I'll pretend I haven't, so we can try it together." I say, winking at him.
He blushes, and runs a hand through his hair.
"O-okay." He says.
Weird. I wonder what's going on with him. I think, walking over to the counter.

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