Hetalia DEVILS and ANGELS Alliance!!

Hetalia DEVILS and ANGELS Alliance!!

The title says it all~

Chapter 1

Now, who's up to sign in?!

G'day ya'll! Akuma! Aussie here with a great idea devised by Sweet Devil Hungary: Make A Devil Alliance!

But, since I am nice (as much as possible anyway...), I don't want my sweet little Angels to miss out~ So, any lovely Angels can join this Alliance too!

Chain of Comand

Head of Alliance, Devil devision, 'Godfather' - Me, Akuma!Aussie (HetaliaAustralia)
Commander - Sweet Devil Hungary (Missanime101)
(My) Prisioner - TenshiFinland (MercyLight)
Little Sister Angel - Angel Nic (HetaliaRoxXD)

So, come on if ya dare & join our lovely Alliance!~ >:3


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