An American at Ouran High...

An American at Ouran High...

Ok The girl in the title pic it you, Your name is Belle Knight and you are in the same year as Haruhi and the twins. You have been friends with Haruhi since a middle school pen pal project. You are american and The eldest child in your family that runs a VERY lucrative group clothing stores so your family is loaded. You talk your parents into letting you go to Ouran High, The story starts the first day there. Oh and you got out of wearing the uniform by insisting it was sexist :P.

Chapter 1

Welcome To Ouran High...

You look at the scrap of paper you had ripped out of Haruhi's latest message. Meet me in Music room three before class and I can give you a tour t said. You smiled and walked up to the to the door labeled Music room three and opened it. Rose petals assault you and you hear a guy say Welcome to the.... and is promptly interrupted by Haruhi Saying "Belle it's you" as she ran up smiling as all the other hosts exchanged looks of confusion. A tall blonde guy came up and said "Haruhi you know this lovely lady". You smile even though he is acting odd and say "I'm Belle Nice to meet you"." Ah! "He exclaims "What a beautiful and appropriate name for one as lovely as you" and grabs you hand. You move your hand away and say " A) No touchy ok and B) Your weird". The Twins in the room start to laugh as the blonde proceeds to act all emo over your comment. You just shrug your shoulders and ask "Is he always like that?". "Pretty Much everyone says in unison. You smile at the response and say "Well Haruhi are you going to introduce me to them or are we just going to go on the tour now?" Haruhi sight and points at the Idiot in the corner and says "That is Tamaki" Then at the twins "Those are Hikaru and Kaoru". A short Blonde that looked like a little Kid ran up and said "I'm Honey and that Is Mori" he said pointing to a VERY tall guy. You smile and say "Hi Honey it is nice to meet you" You looked at Mori and said "and It is also Nice to meet you too Mori". Mori nodded and Honey ran up and smiled and said "you want to have some Cake with me?". "What kind of cake" You ask. "Well" he said. "I have a chocolate cake with strawberries on it". An evil grin spreads across you face for a second before it turns into a normal smile and you say "Ok I'll Have some Cake". Then The dark haired guy in glasses says "But Miss Knight we have not been introduced". "Well You know my name and by the way it is Belle please do not call me Miss Knight and you must be Kyoya the one that did all that research in me". "Yes he said sounding a little surprised I am Kyoya how did you know I researched you". You smile slyly and say "That Kyoya is for me to know and you to wonder now I am having cake so excuse me". You then quickly made your way over to the cake....
OK PLEASE let me know if you like it...

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