this halloween was strange

Chapter 1


soo me and my friend went to the big neigherbor hood and saw a huge pile of leaves in a part of the street. now no one owned that protery. so we jumped into them. soo then we went up to this guys house and this happened:
guy: i shouldnt give you any candy
Me: whyy....
guy: you jumped into those leaves it took me a long time to rake those up
Me: umm.... sorry? we'll put them back?
guy: no don't touch them anymore
WTF? dude fall is about jumping into leaves. and the place was sort of weird. i the middle of this street was a circle and soo it had a huge pile of leaves. me and my friend thought the street ppl cleaned them up. after we left i told my friend he was a dumb and we should tipe his house.


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