I hate my life :'(

Chapter 1

:'( :'(

Why are you looking at me  that?

* I'm sorry I didn't know it was illegal to look at a person who was talking my fault.*

   Why don't you talk to me any more

    Oh I don't know maybe it's because ever sence we hit 9th grade you have been acting like a compleat slut and if I don't wear a short mini skirt and pink pumps you make fun of me all day.

  Why do you right all the time? I mean it's not like any one reads what you wright.

Biitch do you want to be pounded into the ground? I wright to get away from people like you

  Why do you were dark colors and lose clothing? Are you like goth or something?
  Sorry I'm not a perfect little slut like you who had sexa when she was 15 because she was wearing pink skirt not covering half of her asz

    Why are you so sad all the time it is like so depressing
   Well all my friends committed suicide at age 12 and my brother died my grandpa died my cosin died my boyfriend cheated on me..
  Ever heard of   YOLO ?

Yes it means go and make Somthing of your self but still have fun. It dosn't mean go get drunk and have seax with collage guys

  Why do you read all the time? reading is nerdy!

   No reading is for educated people who chose to read instead of trying to get laid

  Why are you so fat

 Im not fat!

      Why don't you wear makeup? You look good in it

  SO I DON'T LOOK GOOD WITH OUT IT? So I am ugly and I need to pretend to be someone I'm not just so I can have a boyfriend who wants to slap my asz ever time someone is looking

   Sorry but my day today was complicated....


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