United Tales

A twist on all the classic fairytales combined into one story!

Chapter 1

Rose: The Curse

by: TessaGray
Rain dripped down the glass of my window. Racing lines of glistening water formed, bending the light of the setting sun over the distant mountains.
Far below me a twisting row of bright red roses wrapped throughout the garden. Placed there in honor of myself, Princess Rose Anne Garnet of Optima, the largest and wealthiest kingdom in Terradenfort.
The sky matched their deep ruby petals as the last light of day slipped behind the rock, and the rain poured heavier in the dark.
I lit a candle and stood from the window seat, walking over to my bed that had been made ready by the maids.
I rested my head against the plush pillows and fixed my gaze on the faint silhouette of the window. As my eyes grew heavy all I could see was dark sky. Thick clouds covered the moon and the storm wept steady tears.
Just as I was about to drift into sleep a bright flash of lightning filled the entire sky! Bolts of fire dove for the ground and the swarmed a distant shape. . . The Dark Castle, home of the evil queen.
With a booming crack and and a rumble that echoed in my heart, the world was dropped into complete darkness again. The storm was quiet. I could not see a thing.
But I felt the tall sharp towers and looming rock staring at me through the black.
The Dark Castle stayed in my mind like a whisper, the place of the woman who cursed me.


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