Play By Play Love

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Chapter 1


Name: Paris
Personality: Protective, Kind, Noble, Sweet, Caring, Can Be Obsessive
Love Interest:Aislinn
Favorite Play: Romeo and Juliet
Name of Play He's In: Romeo and Juliet
Best Friends: Capulets, Aislinn, Adrienne
People He Doesn't Trust: no one to an extent
Family: not sure
Extra: never really loved Juliet because of his love for Aislinn, who is completely oblivious to that fact.

Personality:goofy, fun-loving, can be proper at times, likes to tease Adrienne, only shows his fun side around her, would protect Adrienne even if it cost him his life.
Love Interest:Adrienne
Favorite Play: The one he's in, which is a tale of magic,tragedy, and forbidden love.
Name of Play He's In: Love Like Woe
Best Friends: Nobody but Adrienne and sometimes Aislinn.
People He Doesn't Trust: Most of the whole theatre.
Family:Nobody but his 'mother' from the play.
Extra: Is one of the escapees

Name: Aislinn Ivy Lynn
Personality: Shy, Sweet, Smart, Kind, Modest, Insecure, Misunderstood, Funny at times, Stubborn, Innocent
Love Interest: Paris
Favorite Play: Hamlet
Best Friends: Anyone she opens up to
People She Doesn't Trust: Lots
Family: She hasn't known anything but the theatre, her family is there since her mom was born into it as well
Extra: She thinks nothing is what she deserves since she has low self esteem naturally, doesn't wear make up or change her appearance in any way "Natural look"

Name:Adrienne Danielle Boudioi
Personality:can be weird, goofy, mysterious, shy, and quiet, will do anything to protect her friends.
Love Interest: Ariel
Favorite Play: Romeo & Juliet
Best Friends:Everybody that she talks to.
People she doesn't trust: The play director
Family: Her family left her at the doorstep of the theatre when she was only a month old. She's lived there her whole life and has never left the theatre before.
Extra: Every month she has a new hair color. Last month she was blue, this month she's black, next month she plans on doing red.

And I haven't received Dialga_the_knight's character so it might be a while before we get his! :)

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