Chapter 1

Leave him alone, Kay?

Dear Everyone that Arron has hurt,

Hey! Don't hate on him for lying! He has problems, Kay? That kid has tried absolutely EVERYTHING to fit in with you people! So he lies to try and fit in! If any of you cared about him, you would msg him now!!! He is just a lonely kid, with scars inside and out! He is a liar, yeah I know that, I also know if he knew how much he hurt you all he wouldn't have lied in the first place! He is a sweet kid with alot of pain and problems! He does care! Ana, he dated you and you dumped him! Imagine how he felt! Katie, he thought you were using him!! Monica, he says you were too perfect. Jada, he had nothing against you. Kenzie, he loved you!!! Rachael, he thought you were his friend! His life is already traumatic, he lies to get the attention he NEVER gets at home! He is hurting and there's nothing I can do! So just back off and leave him alone!!!



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