A poem I wrote off the top of my head. Hope you like x

Chapter 1


Please don't lie when you know it's true
Please don't lie, please don't lie
Please don't fake people like you for you
Please don't fake, please don't fake

Please don't hate, people have their own thoughts
Please don't hate, please don't hate
Please don't dis me people come in all sorts
Please don't dis, please don't dis

Please don't cry baby, it'll be okay
Please don't cry, please don't cry
Please don't trash me, my feelings aren't to throw away
Please don't trash, please don't trash

Please just listen I have my opinions too
Please just listen, please just listen
Please don't ignore, in ways I'm just like you
Please, don't ignore, please don't ignore

Please just smile and wash it all away
Please just smile, please just smile
Please just hope there is always the last ray
Please just hope, please just hope

Please just trust me there is nothing left to hide
Please just trust, please just trust
Please don't bully, people commit suicide
Please don't bully, please stay alive



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