The dragon and the maiden

The dragon and the maiden

Katallina Peirson... a normal 17 year old girl. That's what others thought, she is actually friends with a dragon who is teaching her sorcery, she is also actually 1900 years old. The dragon is 1800 years old. What will happen to the two on their treachours journey to the cave of sighs?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Skarlett
As I walk into the the cave a bout a mile near my house I sense something bothering Arogain. "What is wrong?" I ask him as I sit down. "My little child, The time has come for us to make a treachours journey to the Cave of sighs. There, we make it official that we are dragon and rider." I nod. Arogain has told me stories of the cave of sighs.

"Can't we die from that travel?" He nods his scaley head slowly. "That is why most do not return." I gulp. I remember when I found him. It was 1800 years ago. Eversince I found him, He's been able to make me age the way he does. Anyways, I was 15 years old and I was in my way to go milk our cow, prune. I saw this very odd stone which was very dark red... as in blood red. I picked it up then it hatched in my hands. A blood red dragon with peircing blue eyes staring up at me.

Eversince then... We've been bonded and now it's the final initiation. "W-What if Morigan finds us?" He sighs and lays his head in my soft hands. "The witch may be older than us but, You can finally destoy her once and for all." I nod and look in Arogain's eyes. It is dangerous looking into a dragons' eyes unless you are it's rider or future rider.

"My dear Katallina, You shall be known to dragons and their riders, The protector. I know we can defeat Morigain and bring the peace us dragons deserve." I looks away and stroke his head. "But what if I can't? What if Morigain defeats me?" He flinches and says "All of dragon kind will be lost. Once you challenge her... there is no going back Kat." I gulp and look at the dragon saddle I had made for me when I ride Arogain.

"When will we practice riding?" I ask hoping to relieve the stress. I hear him chuckle and say "Now is the most perfect time!" I saddle him up and we walk out of the cave. It is a very stary night tonight Arogain." He nods and says "Perfect night for riding." He let's me use his hind leg as a step to get on. "Hold on tight!" He yells as he jumps into the air. I close my eyes and then openm them. We are gliding over the hills, the mountains, the houses, ... everything! His wings flap occasionaly and the sound of his heart beats in my ears. "Would you like to try riding from my tail when we are more experienced?" Arogain asks.

I gasp and say "Of course!!!" He chuckles then a sound of a dying dragon erupts into the trees. I feel Arogain tense up then he growls. "Calm Arogain." I say as calmly as possible. He shudders then heads back to our cave. "We can't go that far again.... That was near the cave of sighs... When we leave for it tomrrow night... we will have to walk and that will take us about...... a week." I groan and say "A week? Why can't we fly?" He looks at the flames and they turn blue. "It is apart of our journey to become one."

"I-I-I.... Fine. When will I learn how to contorl people's minds?" He laughs and says "Soon my little Kat... soon." With that he closes his eyes and sleeps. I change into my pajamas and cuddle next to his nose for warmth. When we awake we set out for the Cave of sighs. I rest my hand on his neck as we walk. After about 4 hours of our walking, Arogain decides to rest so I can sleep. "You must be tired Katallina. I will wake you in an hour." I nod and lay down. My aching feet gladly accept this opperntunity to not be walked on. I fall asleep and dream of the battle between Morigain and I.

'Come now child, wake up. I 've let you sleep and hour longer and now we are behind schedule." I groan and rub my eyes. I stand and stretch the sleep away. I pick up my bag and we continue walking. "You kept on muttering Morigan's name. Are you afraid or that determined to bring the peace of the dragons?" I laugh and say "Both I suppose. I mean, I fear of dying from Morigan's hands but I will be proud if I can kill her. I just have to keep my mind on the right path and I will suceed, That is what you have always told me."

He nods and says "That I did." Arogain huffs and looks around. His eyes go wide and he picks me up by the collar of my shirt. He runs full speed not once slowling down. "What is happening?!" I yell over the wind. "Morigan's spies! They will kill us both!" He yells with a muffled voice. I gulp and look behind us. I see dark shadows racing to get to us before we disappear. "Arogain, I'm scared!!" I yell. He looks down at me but back at the trail. "Don't be, That is what she wants you to be.. scared so you can turn back and not finish the initaion." I gulp and nod. What will happen when we reach the caves? What will become of the dragosn if I fail this task?


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