Not Fade Away (Romance/Drama)

This is a Rolling Stones drama story! Some of this is based off of real life events but not all of this actually happened! :D so this isn't like a biography of the Stones it anything :) NOT facts!

Chapter 1

I Am Marianne Faithfull!

by: patches43
I pull out a cigarette and light it as I lean back against the headboard of the bed. I offer one to Keith and he declines. I turn my head to look at him… just to admire him. He had the prettiest brown eyes I had ever seen. Such dark eyes… His dark long hair fell to right below his eyebrows and usually curled over the collar of his shirt.

"You know, Mick fancies you," Keith murmured, referring to his best friend and fellow song writing partner.

I take a drag from the cigarette and reply, "I know... Why does it matter?" I watch as Keith gets up and starts to dress. He sits down at the edge of the bed and laces up his boots.

"You should give the guy a chance. He really is a sweet chap," Keith told me. What was Keith talking about? He knew that I didn’t have any interest in Mick. I move to sit next to him and I curl my legs under me.

"But... Mick isn't who I want." I confess. I place my hand on his back and try to move closer so I can kiss him.

He jumps up from the bed. "Marianne... We've had our fun, but now it's time to get back to reality. We could never go steady!" Keith exclaims.

I jump up from the bed as well. "Why not?" I cry out. "I would do anything for you! Give me one good reason why I'm not good enough.

Keith sighs heavily. "Now isn't the time, Mary. I already have everything I need. My career is just starting to take off and I'm happy on my own." he says quietly.

"Than that makes you a... Coward!" I curse.

"Maybe so," he murmurs. He places a soft kiss on my forehead and walks out the door.

I bite my lip hard to keep from crying as I slowly sit on my bed. I sniffle as I hold my head in my hands.

Then a thought comes to my head. I'm crying over a boy... The thing I promised myself I would never do! I am Marianne Faithfull! I could get a boy with the snap of my fingers... I knew I was beautiful and the boys couldn't resist the sound of my angelic voice calling out to them. Even the renowned Keith Richards couldn't stay away.

I look over at the dresser that sat across from the bed. My long blonde hair fell down over my shoulders and my ice blue eyes stared back at me in my reflection. My face had a very pale complexion but it made me all the more beautiful.

“Keith was stupid to leave me,” I mutter to myself.

I remembered him telling me, "You know Mick fancies you." Even in the despair that I was in of Keith leaving I couldn't help but smirk at the thought that Mick Jagger had a crush on me.

Mick wasn't bad looking. He had bright blue eyes, light brown hair, and his lips… they were so full and I frequently caught him licking them to keep them from getting dry. That boy was always licking his lips. Mick also had money, and I must confess he was very charming.

I wasn't pleased when I first met him. I mean I'm high class and he was... well... but anyways, I've started to notice his popularity among the ladies. I couldn't help but imagine the popularity I would get for being the one to snag the most sought after bachelor on the market. I also couldn't help but think... How this would affect Keith. Would he not care or... Could I perhaps get him jealous?

My spirits lifted a bit at the thought. I wonder what Mick is up to... Maybe I will give him a call.

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