Looking Inside Out

Chapter 1

Home Late

by: Satanist
She danced under rainbowed mist,
The roar of Niagara Falls filling her ears,
her numbing hand clinging tightly to Hers.
She could hear the laughter of others,
Floating on the wind,
Dancing around her,
and She smiled,
smiled at Her,
Eyes bright.
She released Her hand,
Taking off into the night,
Fading into the shadows.
He whistled,
and She turned,
Running back.
She dropped to Her,
smiled and took her hand once more.
her hair was damp.
She was hot and cold,
sweat trickled,
mixed with the icy mist,
and confused her sense.
but She didnt care,
She was happy,
was content.
The night was perfect.
the hours came and went,
Smoke curled around them,
a grey haze touched their skin,
and floated off into the chilling sky.
Its scent rested on them,
and they carefully carried it with them as they walked.
7 they left,
8 they reached Hers house,
9 they returned to the night,
10 they became someone else,
1030, hell began.
She stayed up that night,
Her by her side,
hidden in the shadows of darkness,
a candle their only light,
as they looked for forgiveness.
She knew she was mad,
The lady upstairs,
By candle light they spoke,
By candle light She cried,
and they made it better...
Bearable for the time being...
tried and tried...
but She couldnt take it.
She sat beside Her,
Facing the window,
and by light of a candle,
She bled.
They bled.
and they spoke,
And they grew stronger as each cell fell.
Drip, drip,
Red on white,
Red on skin,
Red every where but where She wanted.
She turned to Her,
a sad smile on her face,
And offered the peroxide.
She cleaned her,
stopped the bleeding for the time being.
She let Her clean her,
And She fell asleep in Her arms....

and everything was okay...
much less painful..


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