Enchanted Tears

Enchanted Tears

A tear was stolen. The tear of a dragon. That dragon was Queen Avalon. And without her tear she will lose all but some of her fire.
With the help of mysterious pixie Queen Winter and playful wizard Cirus, Avalon sets off to find her precious fire. A demon, Jake, he’s playing with fire. He stole the tear for a plan. A plan that includes Avalon and Winter. But where is Cirus? Cirus is telling the Queens of their kidnap. Why? For a plan of his own……
In a race against time will the Queens es

Chapter 1


Dragon form
Scales: Black
Eyes: Gold
Wings: Black, but the webbing thing is kind of see-through violet.
Age: Human years: 10,000 Dragon years: 20
Human form:
Hair: Black and curly, shoulder length.
Eyes: Gold
Clothes: and emerald green dress, with a diamond necklace and a golden brooch.

When every dragon is born, it is crying. When you catch the tears, the dragon is yours. The tears are the dragons most valuble possession, and should it be lost or stolen, It's fire will be doused. This happened to a very important dragon, a long time ago....

I heard the jingle of armor. I sighed, though it sounded like a roar. Another knight, come to kill me. I sat up and changed to my human avatar. If the dont find the dragon, but a 'helpless' woman, the might leave me alone. My black curls were knotted, and my green dress was torn. My normal diamond necklace and gold brooch were gone. I looked absolutly helpless.
"Prepeare for doom, terrible beast!" He was getting closer. I breathed a flame-a small one, but big anough for him to see. I shriecked, looking terrified and innocent.
"Oh, help me! Good sir, please!" I cried. The knight ran faster. He reached the end of the cave.
"What are you doing here, maiden?" He asked. I started to fake cry.
"Oh, the beast took me. It was horrible!"
"Where is it now?"
"It dissapeared when it heard you." I said, stifiling a laugh as I sobbed.
"Come along, I will take you back to town." He took me hand and started leading me out of the cave.I wiped away my fake tears The knight pocketed a diamond and a few gold coins. I didn't care. I had no use for them. We reached the cave entrance, but I would make my exit here. I jerked away from him and ran back into the cave. I screamed, then roared. The knight tried to run back. I turned back into a dragon and caved in the entrance. I walked back to my little cave, grinnig wickedly.
My cave had many levels, all I had customized. I flew up from my first level, all the way to the top, 100 feet in the air. I opened the small cabinent -- Where I kept something more important than any treasure. I always made sure it was there after a 'hero' came. I opened it up...and nearly fell to the ground. My tear was GONE.

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