Dear Andrew. (Read if you want) (RIP pretty boy ♥)

Chapter 1

Dear my sweet Andrew,

I lost you 6 days ago. You were my pride and joy, and the one I looked up to. We dated for 2 long years :) I wouldn't have wanted to spend two years with anyone else on this planet. I'm sorry you had to be the one who had to lose your life. I should've been the one. Right now I can just hear you saying, "No baby girl, your life is too precious." Well... Yeah? Yours was too. I can't take the fact of you dying right next to me. It kills me inside. Just watching my heart, my soul, my everything being sucked away from me. You were my life. You were what kept my heart beating, and the world spinning. My life has been so crazy these past 6 days. I haven't left the house. I just sit here. Looking at pictures of you and momma. I know momma will take good care of you in heaven. I just know it. She's gonna love you, Andrew. She really is. She's everything she would want her little princess to have. God, I miss you already. Miss those big blue eyes, and that beautiful smile ♥ You were so good to me, Andrew. You always made me so happy. I don't think I will ever be able to find anyone else to give that me. I think I wanna be single for a long time now. Because I was so scared to give my heart to someone after momma died, and now it's crushed again. But it's okay. I pray that God will accept you into heaven, and that I will meet with you again someday ♥ I love you forever and always.

~ Emma Jean R****e


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