school with the Beatles (after graduation)

okay, so if you didn't take my first quiz thingy it was school with the Beatles. this is a follow up after graduation. it's a love story and whichever asked you to prom or whichever you love, you can read and satisfy your own personal fantasies. btw this is my first story so if there's anything wrong with it comment so i can improve.i'm gonna keep this going as long as possible but i will finish it no matter what. now... enjoy ;D

Chapter 1

all you need is love

- Authors babble

the Beatles are not yet the Beatles. Ringo is Richie for now. Paul is still Paul because it is not a stage name, only his middle name.


"_ will you marry me ?" John asks. You never thought in a million years that your best friend in school, John, would one day propose to you. You're speechless but you manage to spit out "Yes!". John's eyes light up. When and where" he says. he's pretty excited. " I want a small traditional church wedding." you reply trying to hold in you excitement of course:). then it hits you. you're far too young to get married. "oh no" you say forgetting John was standing there. "What is it dear?" he asks. " Nothing" you say with a fake smile. he gives you a look as if trying to study you. "okay" he says somewhat confused. you go sit on the couch and think. thinking... Is John right for me ? Is this a good idea ? Am I positive i want to do this ? Would i rather go to college ? I already told him yes. I have known him for a long time. freshmen year to now. ( a month after graduation ) a million more thoughts cross your mind. You decide to sleep on it...

- Paul

"Hello love" Paul says to you. You just smile and kiss him. You and Paul started dating when he accidentally kissed you back in 9th grade. You guys went to prom together and now here you are, living together, loving each other more and more each day, and thinking of each other every time the word future is brought up. "Sooo tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary, and i'm thinking we do something big" Paul says."Like what?" You say. "Well four years is a long time so we should have a party. me you the boys(the other Beatles) and our families. "We'll all go to a fancy expensive restaurant." "Wow" you say. "Sounds great!"

- George

You and George have grown closer over the years. You've been in love for almost 4 years. After graduation you guys bought an apartment together. Ever since freshmen year you have really like George. Despite the fact he started a rumor about you that you were dating the kid who picked his nose, you're still madly in love with him. Everyday he comes up with the cutest phrases. like yesterday he said "if you ever ask me how many times you've crossed my mind I would say once because... you never really left." George is so sweet you think. how could I be so lu-. your thoughts are interrupted by a slamming car door. You look out the window only to see George. Frustrated. "what's wrong babe?" you ask. He takes a long deep breath and looks at you and says "I got fired."...

- Richie(for now)

"To the world you are only one person. To one person you are the world" Richie( your nickname for him) said to you. He's always saying sweet stuff like that. You and Richie met the first day of high school. Over the years of school you couple skated at the field trip, went to prom together, and dated each other. After almost 4 years you have only had 1 fight. It was a small fight to. Most would say you have a perfect compatible relationship. "Hey babe, look what I found." You look and see a ring in his hand. " C'mon Richie, another ring. I think you have enough of those already. You already have a ring on every finger. What do you expect to do with this one ?" "Actually." He says. "I was thinking maybe you could wear this one." then before you know he kneels and looks up at you. you're completely in smile ear to ear. "_ will you marry me ?...

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