school with the Beatles (after graduation)

okay, so if you didn't take my first quiz thingy it was school with the Beatles. this is a follow up after graduation. it's a love story and whichever asked you to prom or whichever you love, you can read and satisfy your own personal fantasies. btw this is my first story so if there's anything wrong with it comment so i can improve.i'm gonna keep this going as long as possible but i will finish it no matter what. now... enjoy ;D

Chapter 2

if i fell

- John

When you awake the next morning you find John is already awake. "Good morning love" he says. you finally made your decision. You had a dream the night before about the future. John was in a tux and you were in a beautiful wedding gown. Later in the dream you had 2 beautiful children. You liked your dream and decided to continue with the engagement. you smell something delicious. "What are you cooking babe?" you say to him. "Oh nothing. Just some pancakes, eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins." he says. "Just some? That's a big breakfast hon." "Anything for my future wife." John says excited at the thought. "so, speaking of weddings." you say. "should we plan a date?" "Well i thought maybe in August.(currently June) John said. A couple weeks into the engagement John started acting strange. You never bothered to ask what was wrong because you knew he would probably lie anyway. But after another week you had enough. "John, what's wrong?" you finally say. He just walked into the bedroom. You thought that he just didn't want to talk about it but just as you finished that thought he came down stairs holding a piece of paper. It was a white paper folded into 4 sections. "What's this?" You ask. He remains silent. You open the paper and realize it was a college application reply letter. Right after graduation before John proposed you sent out a college application for a university in California. you got accepted but you decided not to go. John didn't know this. "John i swear, i wasn't going to go!" His face still blank. oh boy...

- Paul

Today is the big day. Your 4 year anniversary. And the party. You're getting ready and so is Paul. You invited John, George, and Richard, your best friends Kaitlynn and Starr, Your parents and 2 brothers, and Paul's dad and brother. Your parents like Paul a lot and Paul's dad likes you a lot. "Ready to go hon?" Paul asks. "Yeah." you say. on the way there you guys listen to music, talk laugh, and smile. when you arrive everybody is waiting at the table. At first everybody was talking and eating. You were talking to Kaitlynn and Starr. Paul was talking to John, George, and Richard. When everybody was done eating Paul raised his wine glass. "I'd like to make a toast to the most wonderful woman in the world." you looked at you and smile winked. he walked over to you and said " i will love you until the day i die, you're my first and only love and that will never change. _ i wanna spend the rest of my life with you." At first you thought it was just an anniversary speech. Then he kneel'd down and pulled out a ring. He looked up at you and smiled, ear to ear. "Well what do ya' say? will you make me the happiest man in the world? "YES!!!!!!" You say sharing Paul's excitement. Everybody is cheering. your friends, the boys, your parents, Paul's dad, you're brothers, and Paul's brother. Everyone is so happy. You start crying of joy...

- George

"What do you mean you got fired! What happened?!" You say. "I wasn't willing to work the hours the wanted so they fired me" he said still angry."Maybe this is fate." you say. he whips his head at you. "what!?" He says shell shocked. "Well you LOVE making music, so why don't you?" You say. "I'm not good enough." He shoots back. "George you are AMAZING at singing at playing guitar. Please try.?" "Only for you my dear." George says."Yay! I'm sure somebody will take you in. Your only the greatest musician i know Gerogie." "Actually the other guys were thinking of starting a band soon." "Oooh that sound like a great idea. one day you will all be famous. i know it." George smiles and picks you up. "where are we going George?" he just smiled and continued down the hallway... (:

- Richie

Now it's your turn to smile. "Oh Richie! Yes! I will marry you!" you take the ring and can't stop staring at it. "When will we get married ?" "as soon as possible i hope" he says. you reply " i'm ready when you are." With that he says "C'mon babe let's take a ride." "Where are we going?" you ask. "you'll see." he said smiling. finally after a half hour drive you arrive at a small building. "What's this?" "C'mon inside __." When you go inside you realize you guys are about to elope. "Do you _______ take Richard Starkey to be lawfully wedded husband?" "I do." "And do you Richard Starkey take _______ to be your lawfully wedded wife ?" "I do" "You may kiss the bride"....

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