Am I Really That Bad?

Meh story

Chapter 3

My Day

It was art, I hated it. I had to sit next to Kelly. She now hated me, but not half as much as I hated myself. I walked into the art room and sat down in my seat, Kelly arrived 5 minutes later and sat down next to me, punching and slapping me when the teacher turned away. I wanted to run, I wanted to kill her. I clenched my fists and hoped that I would wake up the day after. But no, I was still getting hurt by her. I get why she hates me, Ive been such a jerk. Why the hell would she like me anyway? Im just another kid. The teacher went out of the classroom and Kellys friends came over to me. They said things about me, I kept getting more and more angry I stood up and tried to push past them all. But Laura grabbed my neck and choke slammed me onto the table. I cried out in pain as the rough wood cut through my skin, almost slicing it. Laura just laughed and walked back to her seat.

"Ha Ha! An idiot gets treated like an idiot!" Kelly jeered.

"Takes one to know one." I said, getting more angry.

She punched my crotch while i was still on the table. Thats when I lost it...

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