Here there and everywhere ~ Paul Mccartney love story

Hey! This is my new story on Paul. I'm also going to do a Ringo story. I'm not the best story writer but i'm practicing. Let me know if you like it(:

Chapter 1

Drive my car

You're at a Beatles concert. You have your eye on Paul the whole time and it seem he has his eye on you to! It seem to be too good to be true so you ignore it and enjoy staring at Paul the rest of the concert.

As the concert finishes you start to leave. Right before you get to the door you feel a tap on your shoulder. "Excuse me miss is this your's?" Says a man holding a purse. You look on your shoulders and realize you don't have your purse. "Yes. I guess it is my purse." you say smiling.

When you go to thank the man for returning your purse you look up and see none other than the Paul Mccartney you've been staring at all night. "t-thank Mr. Mccartney. you say nervously. "Oh you can call me Paul. But what can i call you?" " __" you say.

"That's a beautiful name." He says. "Um do you um maybe you would... want to go out with me sometime?" Paul says beet red. "S-sure." you say shaking like crazy. With that you give him your number and you go home. you toss and turn all night thinking about Paul and wondering if he's really going to call. You can't wait.

When you wake up the next morning you get ready and make yourself breakfast. you make blueberry pancakes and apple juice. All you can think about is Paul. He calls not long after you eat. You wait 4 rings before you answer to avoid looking to eager.

"Hello?" you answer in your sweetest and calmest voice. "__?" He asks making sure you gave him the right number. "yes. Paul?" you ask even though it's obvious. "Hello love. I was wondering if you wanted to go dancing with me." "Yeah. That sounds fun." "Okay, i'll pick you up in say 20 minutes ?" he says. "Yeah see you then."

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