Battle for the Clawe (A harry potter love story)

Battle for the Clawe (A harry potter love story)

Chapter 1

Wake up call

My name is Amara-Rose Elizabeth Dumbledore Clawe-long I know. Im a pure blood but Im not as snooty as other pureblood families. Im also the Granddaughter of Albus Dumbledore but Im not the type of person that acts like their better than everyone else just because of my bloodline, I actually DESPISE those kinds of people. I have straight black hair, that leans slightly towards brown. It goes slightly wavy in the sun, a feature I inherited from my mother. Actually I inherited a lot of my looks from my mother. I have emerald green eyes with clover green streaks, slightly pale skin and big black eyelashes, that show off my big gorgeous eyes. I have my fathers ability to shape shift-Im a metamorphmagus-though I can turn into anyone or any animal-but my favourite is some sort of cat!-and can change my appearance. I got the fact that my eyes flash bright violet when I use my magic from my Emerald Child abilities. Which is if, I say so my self, EXTREMLY powerful I can do year 6 spells even though I’m in my fourth year! But that’s enough about me, I’m sure you want to learn my story! So here you go!
'Wake up Amara!'' cried my mother; Selene Dumbledore Clawe from the bottom of the manor stairs ''Or youll be late for the train!''
'Im coming!' I cried back, sitting up in bed and yawning.
I hadnt gotten a wink of sleep last night; I was too excited! I was finally off to HOGWARTS! My Grandfather; Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of the school, had been practically begging my mother to let me attend Hogwarts. She finally gave in when I told her that I was tired of the strict and beyond feminine ways of Bowbaton Academy of Magic. That made her cave; after all she couldnt stand Bowbatons completely absurd ways either!
Racing down the stairs, having flashed into my favourite outfit, I nearly ran head first into my father; Sebastian Clawe.
'Sorry father!' I cried running past him before sliding down the staircase banister.
'I thought I told you not to do that Amara-Rose!' tutted my Father as he made his way towards his study.
'Amara, come have breakfast before you starve!' snapped Selene, sitting at the head of the mile long dinning table.
'I thought you said I was going to be late!' I growled, glaring at my mother, who glared back.
'You will be late if you dont eat youre breakfast!' snapped Selene before returning to the crossword she was doing.
'What can Mimi get you today mistress?' asked Mimi, our house elf but unlike other house elves, Mimi chooses to work for us AND is fully dressed in a pretty maids uniform-I picked it out myself-which she loves to wear!
'Could I have some pancakes and pumpkin juice please, Mimi?' I asked, smiling brightly as Mimi nodded and walked out to fetch my breakfast.
'Your sure you want to attend Hogwarts?' asked Selene peering at her over her reading glasses.
'Yes mum, and if I dont then Ill suck it up because there is no way Im going back to Bowbaton!' I cried as Mimi placed a plate of pancakes and a glass of pumpkin juice in front of me and went to finish her chores.
'Amara,' warned Selene as she went back to her crossword.
'Yeah, yeah,' I muttered as I dug into my pancakes; the last meal Id be having at Clawe manor in a long time.

This is just a taste, if you want to hear the rest of Amara's story you'll have to comment!!

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