The Wings of Fire Club (Read Introduction)

Anyone want to join this club? If u have no idea wht Wings of Fire is it's a book tht an author named Tui T. Sutherland made. Wings of Fire is about five dragons that had to save the world and have many adventures like being caught by a Skywing. If you want to join, plz COMMENT and tell me what dragon type you want to be from the Wings of Fire book. I'll list each dragon type down here on the chapters and also tell their personalities. Remember, you can be any dragon type you want from below!

Chapter 2

Wings of Fire Dragon Types: Sandwing

by: Sean_
Description: pale gold or white scales the color of desert sand; poisonous barbed tail; forked black tongues

Abilities: can survive a long time without water, poison enemies with the tips of their tails like scorpions, bury themselves for camouflage in the desert sand, breathe fire

Queen: Since the death of Queen Oasis, the tribe is split between three rivals for the throne: sisters Burn, Blister, and Blaze

Alliances: Burn fights alongside the Skywings and Mudwings; Blister is allied with the Seawings; and Blaze has the support of most Sandwings as well as an alliance with the Icewings.

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