The New Hope (A Hunger Games Group Story)

So I'm still keeping the original version and writing that one as well seperate to this one...this one I wanted to write because there are so many AMAZING writers who can hopefully you guys will read both!

Chapter 3

The Picture

Ember's POV

"Em? Em?" Jay leaned over her. Ember sat up.

"I'm sorry Jay. Did I fall asleep?" She asked. She looked up the sun had sunk so that is was barely visable above the horizon line.

"Yeah, you did." Jay was smiling, in his hands he held the completed drawing. "Do you want to see?" He asked holding it out for her.

"Sure, let's go inside first. It's dark and Mother and Father will be home we should probably start dinner." Ember stood up. She wrapped her arm around Jay's shoulders and they walked up the steps. Jay jumped ahead and opened the door. Ember walked in quickly and hit the lights. Immediatly the darkness was lifted and their small family room/parlour came into full view.

"Here," Jay said handing her the picture. "What do you think?" Ember was almost afraid to look down, she took a deep breath in and looked.

There was no mistaking it. Jay had more talent than any one she had ever heard of. The picture was amazing, Ember was sitting in a small area of Queen Anne's Lace, her eyes had a haunted almost caged look to them but there was a slight smile on her lips as she looked beyond, you could tell that the Ember in the drawing wasn't staring at the artist but beyond him...towards something greater. Her hair was lifted by the wind and was blown infront of her face just slightly.

"Jay...this is amazing. Mother and Father will love it." Em breathed. "But come on we've got to get dinner on the table." Jay followed her into the kitchen.

"I put some soup on earlier," Jay said flipping the lights to the kitchen. "I used the rabbit you shot yesterday."

"Okay, soup sounds good." Em said taking the lid off and looking in the pot. "Um..Mom likes salad,"

"On it" Jay said opening a cupboard and pulling out a large bowl. He grabbed all the things that were needed and started to work. "Oh, I also grabbed some strawberries, while I was out."

"I'll take them and clean them then" Ember said grabbing the basket that was on the counter.

"Did you finish with the soup already?" Jay asked looking up from his salad preperations.

"I didn't really have to do much...because you did such a fine job." Em sat at the kitchen table cleaning the strawberries. She looked around, the kitchen was full of pictures that Jay had drawn over the years. Pictures of flowers, trees, animals, clouds. Everything. Jay always had a sketch pad with him where-ever he went. And he captured the images as confidently as Ember had them captured in her mind. She could remember every plant and animal that her mother had told her about.

"Done," Jay said setting the salad on the table.

"Me too," Em said, setting a bowl of strawberries next to the salad. "Um, I guess we should set the table...shouldn't we?"

"Yeah, that'd be a good idea." Jay smiled. They both walked to the cupboards and started pulling down plates, bowls, cups. Jay grabbed the utensils from a drawer and then proceded to lay them out. Once they finished they looked around. "Something's missing Em." He said looking at it.

"You're right...but what?" Em looked at the table everything was there cups a pitcher of water, the food. Then they looked at one another "Flowers." They said in unison.

"I'll get them" Jay said running out the back door towards the garden. "You get your gift, for them." He called back over his shoulder.

"My gift." Ember mumbled, "I don't think I have one."

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