Those unspoken words

Ryan is a guy who is sick of his parents absuing him over being gay. Next minute there dead. Is a vampire? He says his a vampire but is he really? Mitch a vampire? A gay vampire? Who knows. But all we know is that Ryan is sick and tired of his parents abusing him.

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Chapter 1

Killing Mitch

I trudged through my yard, dreading the door. I slowly walk up the steps, putting my hand on the doorknob and turning it slowly and silently.
“Ryan,” I heard an all-too familiar voice call as soon as the door opened slightly. “Come in here. And hurry, you stupid emo.” My “father” spat.
I shook my head no, running up the stairs and locking it and pushing my dresser in front of the door. I heard his footsteps pounding heavily against the stairs as he ran after me. No. he can’t get me. I’ll pack my stuff, and leave. He won’t be able to get in before I get at least a mile away. I thought to myself, quickly emptying the contents of my backpack on the floor, replacing them with shirts, skinny jeans, socks, a brush, underwear, my beanie and an extra pair of converse. I was trying to open the window when I heard a scream from down stairs. It was my mum. After her scream there was a loud shooting sound, followed by my father screaming multiple words of profanity at whoever must have entered the house. There was another loud shooting sound, cutting off my father’s screaming. There was loud footsteps’ getting closer and closer to my room, with every sound of the person’s step, my heart started to beat louder and faster. I stood there, unable to move from shock, as my door was kicked open, pretty much breaking my dresser in half. Standing there in my doorway was a boy who looked about my age, with blood dripping from his mouth, covering up his lip ring and running down his pale face. Blood was also dripping from his black hair. His crystal blue eyes were full of anger, hate and hunger. He wasn’t that bad looking…but he was going to kill me now so yeah. He rose the gun and aimed for my head, pulling the trigger, and somehow, I fell back just in time not to be hit. He growled and walked over to me, cocking the gun again and aiming for my forehead. I braced for the end when he was about to shoot again, when his expression softened. He looked at me with confusion first, then understanding.
“You’re not afraid are you,” he mumbled. “You’re not afraid to die.” I only shook my head, wondering why he wasn’t shooting me. I’d rather he do that then leave me here alive. He sighed and sat down on my bed. I looked at him in confusion, only for him to sigh again. “So what’s your name?” He asked. I just made a motion moving from the left corner of my lips to the right, acting like I was zipping them together. “You’re mute eh? Then write it down on this, “He said, handing me a notepad and a marker from my bedside table.
Ryan. I wrote.
“Ryan… that’s a nice name,” He said with a smile. “Well Ryan I’m here to save you.”
“Will you please just talk? I shook my head.
Not yet.
“Yet, eh? Well, before I save you, “confused look” and keep you from an orphanage,” he said, raising his eyebrow. I nodded in understanding. “There’s something you got to know.” He sighed and looked at me with a lost and confused expression. “I’m a vampire. A REAL vampire.” He said opening his mouth, showing me his sharp, razor-like-fangs. I nodded. “You believe me, Ryan? You really do?” he asked, clearly confused.
Well yeah. Unless you give me a reason not to. Wait, what’s your name?
“Mitch,” he answered.
I smiled when he extended a hand out to help me up. “Ryan,” he whispered softly. “I don’t know how badly these homophobic freaks treated you, but I will treat you better. I swear.” With that I nodded and grabbed my bag, heading out to his car. This is the beginning of my new life I guess.

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