Eternal Sonata: The Whole Script!


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So... Need the Eternal Sonata PS3 script? Here it is! Please note that what I made will be in parentheses and bold!

Chapter 1

Before the First Chapter of Eternal Sonata

Did ya read the description!?

Here I go... such painful typing... It might be confusing if you have never played this game before... sooo...


(It's night time, and in a field of flowers there is one beautiful tree. Then a young woman walks into the scene...)

A man (Frederic Chopin) (Voiceover): Why? Why did it happen? Why was she destined to die? What crime could a girl like that have possibly deserve such a grim fate?

(Then the scene moves over to a green, twisted-up looking tree)

Frederic (voiceover again): She was only 14. (Who is the girl!?) And during those brief 14 years, what did she do? Simply cherish a love of music... and revel in her girlish dreams. I'll never forget her. Even if the cruel passage of time should wear the threads of memory so thin they break... I will always remember.

(An old woman is shown in front of the tree)

The old woman: So, once more, a new journey begins.

(Then the starry sky is shown, and a shooting star is there for a second. Now the scene is back to the young woman at the field of flowers, who walks towards the beautiful tree)

Young woman: Once again, it all comes to an end. It's lovely to meet you, or perhaps it's more fitting to say, "Welcome back."

(And now the scene changes to a girl, who is right near the edge of a cliff. The sky is red, and the girl has her back to the edge, her arms open.)

Girl: I must do this. And it's for the person who means the most to me. My life is nothing compared to his! Doing this is easy if it's for him...

(Then she closes her eyes and leans back, falling off the cliff. Falling slowly... slowly...)

(Did she just commit suicide or sacrifice her life, I wonder?)

Girl falling: Thank you, everyone. I know it didn't last very long, but really, this was the best thing I've ever had in my life.

(She opens her eyes)

Girl: If I blow him a kiss, I wonder, will it reach him up there? (Who's him!?) No... I guess it won't...


(And now the scene changes... again... With the same tree as the first, but in daylight. There now shows houses near that area, obviously all countryside with not many clear roads. And now the scene is in a forest, near the village)

A narrator: The rippling surface of the flowing water transforms the soft light of the morning sun. The beams combine, becoming a spotlight that paints the stage. The flowers awaiting the curtain's rise display faces of bright red and brilliant yellow. They turn their ears to listen to the performance that is about to begin. (Interesting...) Accompanied by the gentle rhythm of the babbling brook, the birds begin to sing. Meanwhile, a mischievous sea breeze causes a rustling amidst the leaves of the trees, disrupting the concert. It is a familiar scene, one that has unfolded every morning since the beginning of time. And even now, the daily overture continues, its delicate, perfect balance, never faltering, never changing. In the midst of this joyous orchestration, at the center of the morning's discordant musical performance, lies a small village, nestled deep in the wood. (Poetic!! And so much detail! When will I control, I wonder...? But I'm enjoying this wonderful scenery in here!) The name of the village is Tenuto. It sits atop a hill which overlooks the coastline. In fact, the town is only about four miles from the sea. Tenuto is very lucky in this regard, for the town enjoys a wonderful cool breeze and a view that is nothing short of amazing. And then, there are the flowers. They seem to blossom almost everywhere in the town. They paint the landscape with color as far as the eye can see. And they are the reason Tenuto is also known by another name: "The Village of Flowers." (Pretty, wonderful, just wonderful!)

(The scene changes to a city by the sea in nighttime...)

Narrator (continues): There is a harbor town at the foot of a hill that can be seen
from Tenuto. When night falls, the lights from the town shine like diamonds... ...and open the hearts of those who gaze upon their illustrious splendor. Under normal circumstances, one might expect to find a bustling shopping district for tourists in a village as beautiful as this one. However, no such shops are to be found. Not here. In fact, the village is quite calm. Almost strangely quiet. It is a place that exudes a peaceful tranquility. A tranquility that further increases its allure, as well as its mystery.

(I've gotta admit, that was long...)

(The scene changes AGAIN.... now with a woman [who is the first one from before] and a little girl [who looks like the smaller version of the one who fell off a cliff] who walks through a field of flowers)

Girl: Mommy? Why are there waves in the sea? (I can tell this will be long...)

Mother: Well darling, there are waves because of the moon.

Girl: Because of the moon?

Mother: That's right. The moon charms the water in the ocean with its beauty. And because the moon is so beautiful, the sea water just can't sit still.

Girl: Is that true?! Really?!

Mother: Really! Don't you feel your heart start fluttering inside of you when you look at the moon?

Girl: I do! What about the puddle? Will it make waves when the moon comes out, too? (haha)

Mother: No dear, there's not enough water. You need lots and lots of water, like the ocean, before it can make any real waves.

Girl: Oh, I see. But that's weird. Why can't a little bit of water make waves, too?

Mother: The amount of water is the most important part of creating waves. That can be said about people, as well. There are many things in this world that can charm people's hearts, just like the moon charms the sea. Things like wealth, vanity, status, image, and power. People who are drawn to
these things create waves and the fear in their hearts makes the
waves grow bigger, and stronger. The more people there are, the
bigger the waves can become. And as the number of people grows,
the waves grow bigger and bigger. It can lead people to start terrible conflicts. This is probably too hard for you to understand. (This game has good dialogue, so moving... mesmerizing...)

Girl: I guess.

Mother: If something like that ever were to happen, the only way to stop it would be for you to jump into the ocean. Because when you do, those big waves will become calm again. It may be difficult to do, but if you can be very brave, you'll bring joy to the person who means the most to you. (Di she just say... jump in the ocean!?)

Girl: Really? Then I'll do it! (Bad parents...?)

Mother: Really though, comparing sea water stirred up by the beauty of the moon to the ugly waves created by the effects of human desire is rather an
insult of the ocean.

(Finally... something that one side of me would say...)

October 16th, 1849 10:48 PM
Number 12 Place Vendome
Paris, France

(The scene changes... it's nighttime, and there is a doctor, a woman, and a man [Frederic Chopin] sleeping on a bed... The woman is Ludwika, Frederic's sister)

Ludwika: He seems to have calmed down, hasn't he doctor? He doesn't look like he's in pain the way he did before.

Doctor: It seems as though he must be having a pleasant dream.

Woman: Yes, well, that would be nice. It would be even better if that means he's headed towards recovery. A full recovery.

Doctor: It's said that people can have the most peaceful dreams just before they pass on.

Ludwika: What are you talking about? How can you say that?!

Doctor: I apologize. Hopefully, it's just an old wives' tale. (it better be! I have pleasant dreams too!)

Ludwika (looks at the person sleeping... maybe dead... on the bed): Frederic...

That's it for the beginning! So far, the player has no control over the game unless they skipped the whole beautiful thing!

Next up: Chapter 1: Raindrops.

Hm... I'll make a parody of this, I'm sure of it...

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