iPod Shuffle Repost

Chapter 1

It is really weird!

1.How Are You Feeling Today? What's my name - Rihanna ft. Drake
Umm... Ok......

2.Will I get Far In Life? Round and Round - Selena Gomez and The Scene
So Im going Round and Round??

3.What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song? Gotta be you - One Direction
Ummm.... No comment

4. What is or Was High School Like? Summer Love - one Direction
I dont go to High School!

5.What is The Best Thing About Me? If Cupid Had A Heart - Selena Gomez

6.How Was Yesterday? Whip my hair - Willow Smith
I whiped my hair !? WOW!

7.What is my Love Life Like? Get The Party Started - Pink
No.. Just no!

8.What will my Parents Say To me? Justin Bieber - Boyfriend
O____O Awkward.

9.What Song Will They Play at My Funeral? Sell me candy - Rihanna
Ummm IDK what to say!!

10.How Does The World See Me? Starships - Nicki Minaj
So I went to the Beach Ecah !?

11. What Do My Friends Really Think Of Me? Take it off - Kesha
Ummmmmm.... Ummmmmm

12.What is the World Keeping a Secret Of Me? Watch me - Bella & Zendaya
So the world watch's me !? Is my iPod gone crazy !?

13. How Do I make Myself Happy? Kiss you - One Direction
So I kiss myslef !? WTF??

14.What Should I Do With My Life? Up - Justin Bieber
No comment

15.Will I Have Children? Die Young - Kesha

16. What is Good Advice? Call me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
Yeah that is right!!! LOL!!

17.What does everyone Else Think Of My Current Life? Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj
WOW! Just wow...

18.What Type Of Men or Women Do I like? Last First Kiss - One Direction

19.Where Will I Live? Loca - Shakira
So how this anerws the question !?

20.What Will My Dying Words Be? Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi Bosanac - Bijelo Dugme (Song from Bosnia)

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