Six Feet Down: A Superstar's Affair (Rewrite)

Yeah so, for some reason it wouldn't let me create a chapter except for chapter one. What the heck right? So Lydia and l worked something out.

Enjoy :D

Chapter 1

Erica's P.O.V

Michael and l have been friends since Gary, practically inseparable. But, after the audition with Motown he moved and l haven't seen him since. It was 1980 when we were reunited and our friendship continued. l never really had deep feelings for Michael, until that one special day...
The airplane landed safely on the runway and was immediately surrounded by adoring fans. l had no idea what was going on because l was just a dancer. An unknown one at that. l exited the door and a bodyguard was standing there. "Right this way Miss Johnson." He led me through the crowd of fans who were screaming and cheering and to a black Lincoln. What the hell? l thought. He opened the door and sitting best friend Michael Jackson.
"Hey." He said with a big smile. "Long time no see."
"Hey what's up Mike!" l said hugging him.
"Ready to go to your surprise?" Surprise?
"Um yeah, l'm so excited." We arrived at Neverland and walked into the park. Michael wrapped his arm around me while we were walking.
"You're gonna like it, l missed you beautiful." He whispered in my ear. Woah, did he just call me beautiful?
"I missed you too." l said nervously. We ended up at his giving tree.
"Come on, lets climb up." Michael said excitedly.
"Michael, l have never climbed a tree ever in my life." He laughed.
"Ok, l'll help you." He wrapped his arms around my waist and helped me climb up the branches. We made it to the top and sat on a branch. "You like it up here?" He asked.
"Yeah! No wonder you like it up here Michael." l said mesmerized by the view.
"You're the first girl l ever brought up here." He said scooting his hand closer to my thigh.
"Aw, are you serious?" He wrapped his arm around me and smiled.
"Can l tell you something?"
"Yeah anything." He scooted closer to me and looked me in my eyes.
"Your the best thing that has ever happened to me. Whether you love me or not I'll always love you. I have been searching for a person like you that understands me. Your smile lights up my soul and I cant live without you. When l found out we were moving, l almost died. l longed for the day when we would meet again. Erica, l think l love you!" Now l was totally speechless. l couldn't believe he told me he loved me. Before l realized it, he pulled me into a deep passionate kiss ripping me away from my thoughts. That moment of exhileration was when l fell in love with my best friend Michael Jackson. After the kiss, he led me inside the house and into his bedroom...
Five hours later, Michael had fallen asleeps and l got a text from Lydia.
"Hey Erica! I heard you came back!"
"Yeah, l missed you so much."
"You too."
"And it turns out you weren't the only one. Michael told me he loved me."
"But....l love Michael."
"I'm sorry Lydia, l didn't know you too were dating..." After that, l didn't get a text back. Well that was...awkward. l said to myself. When did Lydia fall in love with Michael? l looked over at him and laid my head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist and l smiled as l drifted off to sleep.

As our relationship grew stronger, me career as a Dancer/Model fluorished. I had to move to back Europe to start a better career. That mean't Michael and l had to....break up. Everytime Michael's in Europe we meet up with each other. The first few months, he constantly visited me. But then l started seeing less and less of him until l haven't seen him at all. Months after l was watching E.T. (Entertainment Tonight) with my sister Destiny when l heard the news that Michael had purposed to Lydia. l was torn. l never told Lydia how l grew up with Michael, but she knew we were dating. l could tell by the way she looked at him that she had something on her mind. When she found l was moving, she took this as the perfect oppurtunity. Destiny gave me these pills l could use to drug Lydia or anyone else who gets in my way to say something crazy. Now, we're back in America and we plan on getting my man back in my arms.

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